Manage Stubble with Ease with K-Line Ag’s Trashcutter

K-Line Ag, an Australian agritech company, presents the K-Line Trashcutter™ System, an innovation in trash and stubble management. It is a highly efficient machine.

[Cowra, 23/10/2017] – K-Line Ag, an Australian agritech company in NSW, presents the K-Line Trashcutter™ System, which is a state-of-the-art cutting machine used in trash and stubble management. The machine is highly efficient and easy to use. With durable cutting discs and an innovative design, it is capable of producing minimal soil disturbance and an even distribution of trash. It prepares fields for planting and produces an even surface that is less susceptible to wind erosion.

A High-tech Mulching Machine

The Trashcutter™ features an advanced design that lays stubble to one side and then slices it with self-sharpening discs. More traditional types of mulching methods leave the stubble on the ground’s surface, where they are prone to wind erosion. The Trashcutter™, on the other hand, leaves the stubble crowns, which provides a protective barrier against wind and water erosion.

The Trashcutter™ leaves all residue evenly distributed across the ground’s surface. This increases trash flow.

Advanced Design

The Trashcutter™ can be pulled behind a tractor with ease and has low horsepower requirement that results in reduced fuel consumption. It is easy to operate and may be used for a wide range of applications – the disc angle and down pressure can be adjusted and refined according to requirements.

The Trashcutter’s discs may be adjusted for cutting stubbles, for shallow tillage, and for zero-till operations.

The K-Line Trashcutter™ System was extensively developed by K-Line Ag, working together with agronomists and farmers to produce an effective and efficient machine.

About K-Line Agriculture

K-Line Ag has over 23 years of experience. It began as K-Line Industries and is dedicated to designing and manufacturing great machines and farm equipment. They strive to help farms work more efficiently, more effectively and more profitably with their new agritech innovations.

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