B3 India Emerges As The Fastest Growing HR Consulting Firm For IT Companies In Kolkata

Qualified and skilled professionals are always on the lookout for high quality HR consulting firms. Brain Behind Brand is one of the fastest growing HR consulting agencies located in Kolkata, India, that caters to IT companies. The company has turned into one of the most in-demand firms, with skilled consultants who are known for their professionalism, integrity and dedication.

Brain Behind Brand has expert HR professionals who are always sought after and can provide companies with the best suggestions and customized solutions. The company helps professionals in the IT industry get better chances to fulfill their goals. The HR professionals always attempt to spot and select the best candidates for all their clients, so that there is no wastage of time to achieve the best output. Companies can benefit from the candidates chosen by the firm, which proves to be useful for them in the short and long run.

With market competition having grown stricter and more challenging, it seems like employing good candidates is not that easy anymore. Company owners and head hunters often have a ‘lost in the woods’ feeling in the in bad world of employment of IT industry, and seek the best advice, recommendations and suggestions that can help them get the most suitable candidates for their positions. In the employment market, there is often a huge gap between the vacancies and skills available. Brain Behind Brand serves as the best platform to bridge this gap, and match skilled people with suitable jobs.

With enthusiasm, commitment and integrity, the company has made its own place in the HR consulting industry and has managed to achieve huge growth within a short time. Other than the IT industry, Brain Behind Brand helps professionals in many other sectors such as Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare, FMCG, IT & Software, Education-Commerce, Construction & Infrastructure, Engineering and more.

About B3 (Brain Behind Brand)

B3 (Brain Behind Brand) was set up by Mr. Amitava Banerjee in 2008 with the intention of evaluating, analyzing and ensuring the recruitment requirements of companies or clients, and assisting them in finding the best candidates after proper screening through standards set by the client company.

For further information, visit http://www.b3india.com/.

Contact Information

B3 (Brain Behind Brand)

708, Rajdanga Main Road Block GE-III,

KMDA Plot, Kolkata, 700109,

West Bengal, India

Phone no: +91-33-24418339

Mobile no: 09831116047 / 09831013409 / 09831001763

E-mail id (clients):ceo@b3india.com / info@b3india.com / becube16@gmail.com

E-mail (candidates):hr@b3india.com / becube13@gmail.com.

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