Book a Bonding Experience While Youth Hunting Alabama Deer

Instilling a love for hunting in your children is a great way to teach them gun safety, as well as, a respect for nature. There are fewer things better than the bonding you will have with your children out in the woods. Hunting the perfect deer, turkey, squirrel, etc. will teach your children a sense of pride and give them a better work ethic. Overall, it is a great bonding and learning experience you can easily give to your child.

Unfortunately, if you do not have the proper land or area to go hunting, it can be difficult to teach your children. Luckily, there are hunting getaways that you can visit to have a great hunt and get away for some time. One of the best location in Alabama is Westervelt Lodge. Westervelt Lodge has specific rates and times set aside just for youth and their parents. This is a great way to give your child a great hunting experience and spend some time together.

The youth days at Westervelt Lodge are focused primarily on deer hunting. The actual youth season for Alabama is offered every year prior to the adult gun deer season. Of course, the wildlife management areas across the state offer youth specific hunting days before the adult season opens as well. On the official youth days, only children younger than 16 are allowed to hunt.

Of course, there are other hunting seasons offered in Alabama for youth hunters, such as; dove hunting, squirrel hunting, turkey hunting, and waterfowl hunting. To promote youth hunting, the fish and wildlife officials in Alabama have worked diligently to ensure that each hunting type has youth specific days set apart. If you have questions regarding the exact dates of any of the seasons mentioned, you can speak to a representative from Westervelt Lodge and they can help you.

“At Westervelt Lodge, we know that teaching our youth a love for hunting is what will allow our brand to continue to grow and thrive for years to come. We have set apart a youth specific weekend in November just for your child and an accompanying adult. For our amazing price of $1,550, you and your child will receive a full three days of hunting, along with a private bedroom, bathroom, and your meals for the weekend. To begin planning this amazing weekend with your son or daughter, please contact a member of our team today,” states Westervelt Lodge Manager, Steven Carroll.

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