Same-*** Marriage: Family Lawyers Watts McCray Can Advise on Legal Implications

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As the same-*** marriage plebiscite voting period draws to a close in early November, the debate on same-*** marriage has caused a stir in Australia. The debate and the result of the vote will have revolutionary consequences that will affect gay couples and Australian society overall. For people in a same-*** relationship the vote will have long-term legal implications.

Family lawyers Watts McCray will be able to advise clients on the particular circumstances of their case, in light of the current law, as well as potential changes in the law in the future. Watts McCray has been at the forefront of making Australians aware of the latest in the world of family law. They are experts at making things simple for those looking for information on all types of family law matters. They can assist on issues such as child support, spousal maintenance, child custody, divorce and property.

The results of the postal survey will be announced on November 15. In September Australians were asked: “Should the law be changed to allow same-*** couples to marry?” Snap polls indicate an overwhelming majority of Australians are in favour of same-*** marriage. The postal vote came after the High Court dismissed a challenge against it.

If a majority of people vote in favour of same-*** marriage, a vote will then be held in parliament. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he expects a majority ‘yes’ vote to make same-*** marriage legal. If Australians vote against same-*** marriage, Mr Turnbull has said the parliamentary vote will not proceed.

The new law will have significant implications for same-*** couples. Marriage equality will allow same-*** couples to have the benefit of rights to their partner’s estate and superannuation in the event of the death of their partner.   Applying for a Family Law property settlement could get simpler. If marriage equality laws in Australia are passed, same-*** couples who choose to marry will no longer be required to prove they meet eligibility requirements to apply for a property settlement.  Currently, a person’s entitlement to ask a Court for a property settlement order depends upon whether the Court will recognise the existence of the de facto relationship.

Same-*** couples who were married overseas will be able to divorce in Australia.  Legalising same-*** marriage will allow already married same-*** couples to divorce following 12 months’ separation; as heterosexual married couples are currently able to do. To get advice on any family law matter or to make a new Will contact Watts McCray.

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