Hascall Steel Company Offers Quality Flat Rolled Steel Coils for Industrial Applications

The steel coil expert provides flat rolled steel coils for clients in the field of manufacturing or other industrial businesses.The steel coil expert provides flat rolled steel coils for clients in the field of manufacturing or other industrial businesses.

[GRANDVILLE, 10/24/2017] – Hascall Steel Company equips industrial and manufacturing businesses with high-strength flat rolled steel coils, which are ideal for a variety of applications. As one of the country’s leading steel service companies, it strives for client satisfaction by ensuring quality for all its products.
Hascall Steel remarks, “Every lift of steel that leaves our building has gone through rigorous quality testing to make certain the steel product you’ve ordered is exactly what you need it to be, every time.”

Products Offered

The company provides flat rolled steel coil, a type of metal sheet wound into rolls. The flat rolled steel coils specifically have widths of ½ inch to 72 inches, with thickness ranging from 0.010 to 0.325. According to the steel provider, the metal coils are ideal for pre-engineered walls, architectural building panels, and agricultural roof panels. Clients can also use coils for automotive, chemical and petrochemical, ships, and electricity power stations.

Hascall Steel offers both cold rolled and hot rolled steel:

• Hot rolled. Involves rolling steel above its recrystallization temperature; the company offers both hot rolled black and hot rolled pickled and oiled. The latter uses oil to prevent metal corrosion.

• Cold rolled. Type of steel ideal for exposed or unexposed applications, which involve forming, bending, welding, or moderate drawing; manufactured by removing rust from hot rolled coil and soaking it in acid.

Apart from hot rolled and cold rolled, the steel coils are also available in the following finishes and formats:

• Coated steel

• Aluminized (ALMZ)

Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Whether clients order hot rolled or cold rolled coils, the company takes great care in selecting and processing inventory to meet exact specifications. Apart from evaluating steel coils by width or gauge, the company also measure materials by chemical and physical properties.
“We care about customer satisfaction. That’s why we make sure each coil is produced using the most advanced technologies and to the strictest quality requirements,” says the company about its services.

About Hascall Steel

For over 45 years, Hascall Steel takes pride in being one of the country’s leading steel service companies. The steel coil service expert offers an extensive range of steel products for industrial and manufacturing applications. It takes pride in providing quality steel processing expertise and commitment in addressing a variety of steel-related concerns.

Visit http://hascallsteel.com/ today for more information.

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