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Orient Sun and Moon Automatic SET0P003W0 Mens WatchThe Orient Sun and Moon Automatic SET0P003W0 Mens Watch is Orient’s first step to the world of multifunctional dress watches that stands out due to its embossed dial adding a lot of depth. The watch has just enough detailings to keep things fun, without turning funny or going over the top.

A detailed look through different phases

The Orient Sun and Moon Automatic SET0P003W0 Mens Watch is one of the most sought-after timepieces in the Orient arsenal, which, even hardcore luxury watch buyers are reluctant to let pass by. It’s because of the simplicity in the movement as opposed to the highly complicated and therefore, delicate moon-phase mechanisms of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Orient Sun and Moon Automatic SET0P003W0 Mens Watch is a dress watch with the durability of a sports watch, but it remains out of the sports/dress category and becomes one of the rare pieces in the dress-casual arena. The watch exhibits depth in everything it has; the dial apart, it shows even through the date cut-out and depressed sub-dials. It passes as a piece that is comfortable to wear with several types of suits; or wear it with rolled-up cuffs, it will look very handsome.

The Orient Sun and Moon Automatic SET0P003W0 Mens Watch is completely made in Japan, from the case to the movement and other components, including the hands, markers and the crown. The watch uses Orient’s in-house built caliber 46B46, which beats at 21,600 vibrations per hour and can store approximately 40 hours of power on a fully wound mainspring.

The Orient Automatic Watches show the current phase of the moon through a rotating indicator; a disc that shows the illuminated portion of the moon as we see it from the Earth. It embodies a timeless charm and a fair bit of whimsical artistry that other watches don’t provide and hence, portrays a choice that’s unique. Regarding practicality, it is useful (in certain occupations) but otherwise, thoroughly enjoyable and something you’ll want to hold onto for a lifetime.

The Orient Sun and Moon Automatic SET0P003W0 Mens Watch is not the one you may call eclectic but it’s chic because of a more simplistic look. That makes it appropriate for corporate workplaces as much as for a night out, or for a trip overseas. Its larger appearance is stylish if nothing else to which, the sunburst white dial contributes greatly.

End note

With a sapphire crystal and an overall high quality construction in A-grade materials, the Orient Duke Automatic Mens Watch steals the show due to its day-subdial besides its moon-phase indicator. The self-winding movement keeps especially accurate time, which is bonus along with its pleasing aesthetics.

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