Accredited Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County

The policies and procedures in a criminal case are said to be stricter in Orange County. Therefore, it is essential to hire a criminal defense attorney in Orange County. When you try to represent yourself, it is said to be a risky option since you will not have a complete knowledge about the criminal laws. The criminal law is complex and you need to hire an attorney who has considerable years of experience in the field. Also, it is advantageous if they belong to Local County since they will be updated with the recent changes in the laws. A lawyer will guide you completely throughout the case and you can protect your rights. They will work towards collecting evidence and will also be aware of the deadlines. They will have a good idea about the preparation of the paperwork.

Criminal Case

When not assisted by a skilled lawyer, you are prone to jail or prison time, fine payment, probation, and most essentially a permanent criminal record. A criminal record can affect your reputation greatly. Your career prospective and personal relationships will also be in danger. You will have to inform every time about your criminal conviction when you apply for a job, housing or during financial aid. Emotionally as well mentally the person will be affected.

Types of Crime

There are three types of crime namely,

  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor
  • Infractions

A case comes under infractions when it does not require heavy penalties. Small cases are said as infractions. When subjected to misdemeanor, you will need to pay heavy fines. Also, the jail time will be upto one year and this said to be lesser than the felony. In a felony crime, you will have the penalties based on the crime you have committed. In general, it will take upto several years. A felony is said as most serious when compare to other two. Criminal cases differ from civil cases and you must be aware of your rights. The lawyer will find out various strategies and will choose the best one to defend you. For more details about criminal defense attorney, visit

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