Allazo Electronics Offers Solder Paste Inspections

Founded in 2017, the Texas-based manufacturing company offers solder paste inspections for high-volume manufacturing to test the outcome of board assembly operations.

[RICHARDSON, 10/25/2017] – Solder paste inspections are necessary when it comes to board assembly operations so that it detects the defects and errors during the manufacturing process. Allazo Electronics offers solder paste inspections as a part of the testing process for high-volume manufacturing.

The Need for Solder Paste Inspections

The process can be performed before the solder melts or any component is placed on the circuit board. The process can reduce the density of electric components, which supports its miniaturization.

Recognizing and fixing defects after the manufacturing process is done is extremely counterproductive, as it is time-consuming. This causes excessive downtime and material wastage, which can result in expensive repairs.

When there is control in the assembly process, it enhances the durability of the products. Control gives companies the edge above the competition because nothing gets past quality control, which means that the products released will be high quality and are in their best state.

Comprehensive Services for Various Applications

Apart from solder paste inspections, the company also offers other testing and inspection services, including:

• X-ray inspection
• Custom fixture testing
• In-circuit testing
• Automated optical inspection

Allazo Electronics serves a multitude of customer markets, such as water metering, industrial equipment, traffic control, and surveillance.

About Allazo Electronics

Based in Richardson, TX, Allazo Electronics, Inc. acquired CSD, Inc., which was founded in 2002. The Company helps its customers make their electric design concepts come to life at a competitive price. It delivers manufacturing services, including assembly (solder paste printing, aqueous cleaning), sourcing and supply chain management (inventory management), and rework (disassembly and component replacement).

What makes it different from other companies is that it is committed to three things: communication with its customers, ownership of quality, and transparency.

Its clientele consists of SMBs to Fortune 500 firms with custom manufacturing needs.

For more information, visit today.

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