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Do not just rely on a simple invoicing accounting software for small business. One Accounting Software has a highly affordable system with inbuilt features for SMEs,” said the spokesperson.

One Accounting Software is an emerging online software company that caters to small and medium businesses. The accounting software of the company is built on web-based technology, enabling the clients to access the data at any point in time. The product is renowned for its cost-effectiveness and customized solutions.

We have noticed on many occasions that small businesses often tend to use the cheap and less-efficient accounting software considering their low volume of financial transactions. However, as the business scales, the old software become inadequate to meet the growing requirements. At that moment, the business needs to switch to a more enhanced and advanced accounting software. Switching process is not always smooth and hassle-free.

Thereby, it makes sense to buy a scalable software which has the price within the budget of your small business. One can scale up and down the usages of the modules based on the requirements of the business. Luckily, One Accounting Software has a customized solution and clients can benefit by paying for what they are using. It will let you upgrade in the future to the efficient and highly advanced features,” says Ms. Meena.

In this age of cutting-edge technology, using the desktop-based software is of no use. The web-based software is always recommended to keep pace with the ever-rising competition. A web-based software empowers the users to keep their cash flow healthy and secure. One can get access to the data at any point in time (24*7). The data once stored, will be securely saved in the web server.

What the One Accounting Software has to offer is unparalleled in the accounting industry. The software is highly dynamic, advanced and intuitive. It allows the users to handle the financial tasks with ease and adaptability. With a wide gamut of features and modules, One Accounting Software facilitates a strong platform to its clients to solve their simple to complex accounting issues. It is counted to be one of the best accounting software for small business in the present market.

Below-stated features are available in the One Accounting Software

  • GST-Ready Accounting software
  • Online Invoicing enhances the sale & purchase Management
  • Streamline the inventory with automated feature
  • Reconcile any Business accounts (including bank accounts)
  • Budget planning and forecast
  • Dashboard to get real-time results
  • Reports Management
  • Customer & Vendor list Management
  • Recurring Transaction Management
  • Creation of multiple roles & manage multiple users
  • Multi-currency Management

By giving role-based access to the users, we ensure to prevent any misconduct and fraudulent activities in the client’s organization. Automation of the activities ensures accuracy, fast delivery, and efficient results. Since the software is web-based, the clients do not need to go through the trouble of hardware installation and appointment of IT team. It is simple and easy to use. Any non-savvy person can operate with having the basic knowledge of computer. It has become one of the most sought-after small business accounting software in the market.

About is an accounting and business management software for business spanning across the industry. A dedicated software designer and developer team is there to back the software & to provide seamless support to the valuable clients. The features like cost-effectiveness and scalability make the software ideal for the small and medium businesses.

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