Back and Side Lighting Modules from Bright Light Provide Eye-catching Displays

Bright Light Australia is a top wholesaler in the LED signage industry and has very successful collaboration with sign companies. The company has been at the forefront of promoting brands by offering LED solutions to all sign applications. Their products include LED modules for channel letter and box signs, cabinet signs, lighting signs and signage displays.

The cost-effective systems from Bright Light provide significant savings for sign makers. The LED products are long lasting and ensure they can be maintained easily throughout the signs’ life. Companies that are looking to promote their brands in industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, public spaces like stadiums, transportation among others will find Bright Light provides value and eye-catching illumination. Using cool white in signage makes displays vibrant, often brighter that other colours like warm or natural whites. Cool white in back lighting creates a negative relief that often makes colours pop.

Bright Light has been supplying LED light fittings and power supplies for residential and commercial facilities, hospitality, marine and architectural lighting industries. Bright Light is committed to stocking only the best LED products.  All products have undergone strict quality checks, including local testing, to ensure they comply with Australasian safety regulations and come with a three-year warranty. The company provides warranty and returns information on the website.  The right signage lighting in warm white fitted on a ceiling when teamed with other colours can create a serene luxurious atmosphere. The shadows created  when light and shade team together adds to the drama.

Bright Light takes great pride in providing the best solution to come up with customised solutions for each client. They can work directly with clients or signmakers to achieve desired results. The company sells bending ribbon strips in reels, side-emitting ribbon strips and signage modules made from LEDS with super high brightness, wide angle and low power dissipation. The products will work well in outdoor weather conditions. The efficiency of these products means that the number of modules and power supplies required in each sign is lower. Overall this reduces costs by saving labour costs and energy consumption.

Call Bright light to speak of one of their knowledgeable Lighting Technicians to find the best signage modules for your project. The toll free number 1800 793 185 can also help customers find the perfect solution for any lighting need.

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