Cedar Tubs Offers Finely Crafted Wood Burning Hot Tubs for Ultimate Bathing Experience of Users

Cedar Tubs, a Northern Lights owned facility dealing with a vast range of products including Ofuro tubs, classic tubs, hot tub heat pump, heat exchangers and more, offers the finest quality wood burning hot tubs with the most viable heating options accessible in the industry. All these tubs are crafted with great precision and using 100% genuine and clear western red cedar of Canada. They are likely to satisfy purists from all over the world with the ultimate bathing experience as there will be no knots in the tubs causing the tension of warping or leakage at the time of the bath. The Cedar Tubs’ wood burning hot tubs are made with easy to install features, saving consumers time and money. They can best suit to rural or remote locations where there is wood in great abundance. Based on the concept of the burning of woods, these tubs are more likely to reduce the expenses of operating a hot tub.  Each of these wood burning hot tubs consumes no electricity rather work around the natural principle of thermo-siphon.

Cedar Tubs’ wood burning hot tubs can be oval or round shaped, are made of the finest quality cedar wood and fitted with wood-burning stoves. Without the need of electricity, these hot-tubs can be used for soaking even at any remote area. Once the fire is lighted and fills up your senses with a natural soothing feel that these hot-tubs can bring, users can enjoy the touch of warm water on your body, listen the woods crackling and soak in the pleasant aroma of the wood on the fire. In this way, they can certainly add to their bath experience under an open sky and yes that’s would be more than perfect. The actual beauty of these wooden hot tubs is without electricity you can expect them to work wherever you place them. Enjoying the outdoor views and watching the night stars or sunset in the evening will be possible with them. Their basic structure also means that the customers can assemble install them on the day of receiving them without any requirement of special tools and knowledge.

“Our wood burning hot tubs are supplied all over the world. They come with the best blend of the features of hot tubs and wood stove for giving a relaxing and luxurious experience to users throughout the year. We are ready to take your bathing experience to new heights with the finest options of affordable, eco-friendly, natural, mobile and useful wood burning hot tubs that function as an exceptional soaking barrel,” said a spokesperson of Cedar Tubs.

The wood stoves that come included in the wood burning hot tubs kit function just like conventional wood burners. They are based on the principle of thermo siphon which works properly without using any forced circulation system. No involvement of electricity and a circulating pump– meaning customers save as much as they can on the operating cost of the hot tub while enjoying a gentle soak with the crackling of the wood fire. To know the heating rate of the different size of wood burning hot tubs on offer, check out the website at https://www.cedartubs.com/wood-fired-hot-tubs.html.

About the Company:-

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs is a top class supplier of wood-fired and wood burning hot tubs that are made of the finest quality western red cedar. It designs and delivers the best value wood burning hot tubs to meet the soaking needs of customers outside without the use of electricity. Cedar Tubs also works on customized projects so as to ensure an ultimate soaking experience to existing as well as the first time customers. With an extensive product list on offer, it requests the potential customers to visit the website at https://www.cedartubs.com/ to find the exclusive varieties matching their budget and expectation.

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