Choose Dining Table Wisely With the help of Bella Kitchens

To make a space that is agreeable and useful, you have to ensure you have enough space to unwind and move. Utilize these rules to outline an inviting lounge area. Need extra advice about measuring or item proposals to fit your space? Bella Kitchens Pune is ready to offer assistance.


The quantity of seats you can put at the table is resolved in numerous ways. Truth be told, two tables with a similar size best may oblige diverse quantities of individuals in view of the leg situation and best shade. In the event that you are attempting to amplify seating, consider a platform or trestle table or even seats as seating. This dispenses with the table legs and the seat legs chancing upon each other.

Width of place setting

The general rule is to permit 24 inches for each individual at your table. Be that as it may, utilizing a tablecloth rather than individual placemats or bench seating rather than chairs takes into account cozier seating. The multifaceted nature of your place settings is additionally a factor: various utensils and additional crystal at each seat requires more space for every individual.

Depth of table

The base profundity for a Dining table in Pune is 30 inches. On the off chance that you depend on your table for serving space, a profundity of 36 inches or bigger gives more space to platters, dishes, pitchers and centerpieces.

Distance between the table and walls or furniture

On the off chance that conceivable, leave no less than 36 inches between the edge of your table and other furniture or the divider. This gives enough space to somebody to stroll behind the seats while others are situated or to open an entryway on an adjacent bureau. In the event that you have room, 48 inches of room is perfect.

Clearance under the table

In the event that you have Chairs with arms, the space between the table and the floor will decide whether the arms can tuck the distance under the table. Likewise, consider the leeway for folding your legs underneath the table. Looking for Modular Kitchen Supplier in Pune?


While picking the extent of the carpet underneath your Dining table, recall that the mat needs to suit every one of the legs of the seats, notwithstanding when the seats are pushed far from the table, (for example, when visitors get up from the table). No less than 24 inches from the edge of the table to the edge of the carpet will give you a lot of room and keep seat legs from getting on the edge of the floor covering.

Pendant lights

When lighting your lounge area, begin with the overhead installation. Pick a pendant light that makes a pool of light that is sufficiently vast and sufficiently brilliant to guarantee your visitors are not sitting in shadows. Hang your pendant around 30 inches over the table to keep locate lines open.

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