Cleaning and maintenance of communities in Millennium Carpets and Flooring

This project consists of professionalizing the provision of flooring services, significantly improving the treatment with the client, availability, possibility of periodic service contracts, etc.

Basically it is proposed to create a company dedicated to providing flooring services, which can be offered by packages, such as:

Millennium, cleaning, whenever and wherever you want


Millennium is a company with impeccable values ​​that are reflected in the excellent quality of its services and for years, have offered a first class service to a wide variety of customers. The qualified team of experts that is part of Millennium makes use of environmentally friendly products have allowed them to succeed in the sector.
Millennium, offers a wide range of cleaning services in shops, premises, banks, offices, communities, hourly homes, cleaning of carpets, garages, storage rooms, new construction and end of work, schools, cinemas, clinics, hospitals, polish of floors, industrial buildings. Also, it has maintenance service, painting, electricity, plumbing, painting, automatic doors and all services for your home or community.

Get Now offering Turf Cleaning services

It puts at your disposal all its experience and efficiency , counting on an effective staff, both cleaning and gardening, highly qualified and specialized. His work focuses largely on pool arrangements , recording PH and Chlorine levels, as well as pruning and treatments with full guarantee and safety. In this way, your team of professionals will remove the pruning debris to the composting plant, without having to worry about anything.


These services range from the integral maintenance of your home to cleaning services . Millennium, wants you to forget the routine and when you get home just worry about living and enjoying .Gardening, swimming pools, maintenance work in plumbing, electricity or masonry, and of course cleaning. Your housing, urbanization or community, will be in good hands.

The extensive experience and qualification of its personnel, as well as the implementation of newcleaning systems and technologies , guarantee the highest quality in the services rendered, whatever the degree of specialization requested, always adapting to the needs of the clients: hotels; cleaning of boats, offices or private houses; the end; industrial ships; offices, among others.

In their vocation of customer satisfaction , they offer a series of complementary services to make life easier, such as janitors, plumbing, masonry, electrician, renovations, interpreters or support and help abroad to process documents and procedures.



Millennium Carpets and Flooring

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