Forte Commercial Cleaning Offers Cleaning Services for Veterinary Clinics in Utah

The commercial cleaning company promotes better health for pets and better reputation for veterinarians with thorough cleaning services.

[MURRAY, 10/26/2017] – Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah improves business for veterinarians as well as the health of their patients with thorough cleaning services. The Utah cleaning company is actively serving over 200 satisfied clients; included in those numbers are local veterinary clinics in the area.

Infection prevention and control is a critical component in the field of veterinary medicine. Growing bacterial populations threaten to compromise the sanitation of clinics, which results in the deteriorating health of some patients. With the threat of Canine Influenza H3N2 and other infections, Forte encourages clinics to stay one step ahead through its services.

Dealing with Pet Hair

The cleaning company points to animal hair as the primary cause behind serious health risks in clinics, especially for pets suffering from allergies and other respiratory illnesses. Most pet dander, says Forte is 2.5 micron.

“One micron is equal to one-millionth of a meter and particles that are 10 microns or less are potentially respirable. These particles are the ones that if inhaled can cause problems for those with allergies,” explains the cleaning company.

Instead of allowing excess pet hair from compromising patient health, Forte uses advance cleaning tools to resolve the problem.

Advanced Cleaning Equipment

By using industrial vacuums with 1 micron particle filters, the company’s veterinary cleaning team efficiently picks up any excess hair. Since industrial vacuums have more powerful suctions than regular vacuums, these are more effective in removing hair. The equipment also does not clog easily.

Apart from cleaning the area, the company’s particle filters also improve the indoor air quality of the clinic. Clients also benefit from smudge-free interior glass and first-impression ready veterinary clinics.

About Forte Commercial Cleaning of Utah

Forte Commercial Cleaning is one of Utah’s trusted providers of top quality janitorial services. Its customized and innovative approaches to janitorial services ensure clients will receive quality results. The company’s dedication focuses on delivering their company’s core values: Accountability, Trust, and Innovation.

Its janitorial services use “the best in cleaning technology and communication” to ensure the company’s services meet a facility’s specific needs.

Visit the website today for more information.

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