Haiku Designs Furniture and Mattress Company Offers Organic and All Natural, Latex Mattresses

Boulder, CO – Haiku Designs offers amazing organic and all natural latex mattresses. At Haiku Designs Furniture and Mattress Company you will find a wide range of completely organic mattresses including all natural cotton, wool, and latex. In addition, we offer a wide range of futons made up with the best quality organic cotton and natural latex.

Most people today are using, and sleeping on mattresses made from synthetic foam and toxic petrochemicals, resulting in increased rick to one’s health and well-being.  At Haiku Designs, we believe that sleeping on a mattress made purely of petrochemicals combined with other toxic chemicals isn’t such a good idea. Instead of toxic chemicals and petroleum-based products in their mattresses, we use all-natural materials such as latex foam, natural wool, unbleached cotton, and sugar fiber fabric. Good for you and good for the environment. Eco-Friendly Living at its best.

So instead of using synthetic petrochemical based foams, metal coils, chemical linings, and blended synthetic additives, the Haiku Designs eco-friendly mattresses are constructed from natural latex rubber harvested from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree, and from Eco-Foam, an all-natural foam material spun from the Castor Bean. This is a completely renewable resource and grown without the use of pesticides.

We ship our organic and completely natural mattresses nationwide from our warehouse in Boulder, Colorado directly to your front door, fully insured via 1st Class Freight with extra packing for safe delivery. In addition if you live in Denver or the Front Range are, we have a retail showroom in Boulder, Col where you can try out our mattress in person. All mattresses and futons offer a 45-day sleep guarantee.

Or if you have any questions about which mattress would be right for you, call one of our sleep experts at 1-800-736-7614.

About the Company:

Haiku Designs is an eco-friendly company that offers Modern, Asian, and Contemporary furniture designed to complement and enhance any home environment.  You can buy directly online through their website at https://www.haikudesigns.com with low-cost or free shipping to anywhere within the United States and Canada.  If you prefer to view the products in person, you can enjoy the touch and feel of their furniture products in their retail showroom located in Boulder Colorado.

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