Ixtlan Melbourne Offers New Range Of Contemporary Jewellery in Australian Opal

Melbourne, Australia – Ixtlan Melbourne, the world’s most prominent jewellery designer now presents a new range of contemporary handmade jewellery in Australian Opal with unique designs and patterns.

With the idea of exploring the concept of aesthetic beauty and balance, Ixtlan Melbourne offers an extensive collection of rare samples of fine jewellery from across the globe. Since the past two decades, they have been offering hand-selected jewellery with the best quality to their customers and have managed to maintain their legacy till now.

Ixtlan Melbourne has acquired an impeccable reputation for quality and workmanship in designing jewellery. Australian Opal, one of the most precious stones, is known for its deep colour and bright reflections. The play of colour comes from Opal’s formation process, which is different than many gems. The colour comes from the reflection of the scattering of light from the uniformly sized, and closely packed silica spheres that make up precious Opal.

Hence, keeping intact the colour and beauty of the precious gem, Ixtlan Melbourne proudly presents the exclusive range of contemporary jewellery in Australian opal. Opal is known as the gem of brilliance and mystery. Keeping that in mind, Ixtlan Melbourne provides the uniqueness of opal in various types of jewellery such as rings, earrings, silver pendants, bracelet and much more.

Ixtlan Melbourne brings out the unique combination of elegance, style, and uniqueness in all their collections. They offer handmade jewellery embedded in gold and silver and provide a no-obligation, complimentary quote to make or remake any piece of jewellery according to your wish.

In addition to the Australian Opal, Ixtlan Melbourne produces jewellery in any metal and source any stones (gemstones, precious or semi-precious) from around the world. So if you are looking for gems and dazzling pieces of jewellery, visit http://ixtlanmelbourne.com.au/

About the Company:
The range of jewellery at Ixtlan Melbourne Jewellery is hand selected and carefully chosen with the same enthusiasm and passion as in its beginning over two decades ago. We give you an opportunity to design your individual piece, or just choose from our outstanding collection of precious and semi-precious stones set in silver or gold for your delight. We have a beautiful and unusual collection of designer gemstone jewellery that has a classy, elegant and unique style that can’t be found in any other jewellery shop in Melbourne. We arrange full shipment and insurance service for long distance orders within Australia or abroad.

Contact Info:
Ixtlan Melbourne Jewellery
102Gertrude Street
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
Zip Code: 3065
Phone Number: (03) 9416 1603
Email Address: info@ixtlanmelbourne.com.au

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