Kip Set Provide Many Services to Their Customers

Kip Set mattresses

We all know how popular Kip Set mattresses are and that everyone wants one, but they also provide many services to their customers, including a delivery service.  All Kip Set mattresses come with free delivery within Australia, and they will deliver your Kip Set mattress in a convenient box the next day to main metro areas, and in three to five working days to most rural addresses. Their delivery providers will drop your new Kip Set mattress at your front door and you’ll need two people to comfortably move it inside, so you ned to make sure you phone a friend to help out.


Another service they provide is they recycle all returned Kip Set mattresses, as all foams within the Kip Set mattresses are treated with Ultra Fresh, and the Kip Set fabric cover has anti-microbial properties. They also recommend replacing your mattress when you begin to feel it is no longer supportive, and this is often when a mattress reaches 10 years.


The Kip Set mattress has been designed to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature throughout the night, and the Kit Set cover contains Tencel for optimal breathability and moisture wicking, while Genius Foam at the top of the mattress cools and supports all at once. At the most optimal point of the mattress, ventilation within a memory foam layer provide a cooling airflow and distributes heat effectively.


If you have a slat bed, the Kip Set mattress is perfectly suited for adjustable, regular and slat bases. You can also use a Kip Set mattress directly on your bedroom floor. If you do use your mattress directly on the floor, make sure you air out the bottom side of the mattress regularly by propping the mattress up against your bedroom wall.


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