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26th October 2017 | Singapore: Making Sense is a chemistry tuition centre situated in Singapore. It has been awarded the Best Chemistry Tuition in Singapore 2017 and is recognised as a part of the best enrichment and learning schools. The tuition centre’s success records show that over 97% of all students enrolled in the classes have shown marked development.

Individual, customised courses

Making Sense understands that each student’s need will be different and provides customised courses as per the strengths and weaknesses of the students. The process of training covers all the important areas of the subject exhaustively, giving special focus to the areas that need more attention.

Different levels in coaching

Chemistry tuitions are given for various levels, including A Level, O Level, Integrated Program, International Baccalaureate, Regular classes, individual one on one coaching, holiday programs, small group classes. The intensity of the classes varies on the requirement of each individual students.

Learning is made fun

Making Sense believes that learning should be made fun. Chemistry as a subject is fun when it is approached from the right angle. With the top quality teaching material, learning chemistry just got a new dimension.

The best in class material

Making Sense provides the best in class material, and offers coaching for different levels. The material is designed on par with top colleges. The material is developed after a careful process of reviewing them for relevance after rigorous sessions of brainstorming, discussions and reviewing of examination scripts to understand the latest trend in the subject.

Making Sense is the best tuition centre in Singapore.


Making Sense is a leading Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore. They have developed their own teaching methods that rely on anecdotes, stories, and class interaction. The tuition centre also believes that every student is special and, therefore, encourages personal consultations for a better understanding of the subject. The tuition centre has won several awards and their teaching staff William Lin (Founder) and Jeffrey Ang work together to bring out the best in their students.


116, Middle Road, ICB Enterprise House #09-02 S, CA

188972, Singapore

Phone: 6802 2603



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