Need Help With E-Commerce? Incredo Solutions Can Get You Going

Ecommerce innovation is allowing start-ups in fashion, beauty and lifestyle-tech industries to get ahead of the pack where they are influencing a new generation of consumers. Fashion, beauty, food etc all have a strong economic impact and up and coming businesses are racing to keep ahead of not just the demand but the technology that brings the consumer to their product.

Incredo Solutions offers a range of strategy and planning services to help clients optimise their marketing activities and efficiently invest their resources in order to achieve their business goals. These services include digital strategy, email design, eCommerce strategy, social media strategy, content strategy, project scoping and functional specifications, digital audits, information architecture and stakeholder interviews and workshops. These services are scalable and suit every kind of budget.

Incredo provides a one-stop-shop to channel a complete eCommerce solution. They specialise in eCommerce platforms like Magento and Bigcommerce that can allow any entrepreneur to get sales in. Incredo will give its clients everything they need to launch and operate an eCommerce business. This is a perfect solution for those who prefer to outsource this part of their business, and even for those looking to get an online business started quickly and within a budget. Customers do not need to invest and maintain expensive IT infrastructure or manage complex warehouse operations.

Incredo can deliver a total package that involves consultation and project management, website development, hosting and maintenance. They will also assist in training, installing and managing eCommerce software which can fulfil orders, manage inventory and warehousing. Their experts can even provide call centre service for companies that need direct customer contact and coordination with other sales teams. They can also assist by answering customer service queries that can come through the website,

The professionals from Incredo can collaborate with the design, finance and PR teams to drive traffic. They will even help with establishing and expanding an email database. Their eCommerce facilities can also track customer buying habits and analytics that can be very useful in targeting the right product at the right time.

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