TigerTurf Installs Lumosa LED Lighting at Hockey Pitch in Auckland


Leading synthetic turf manufacturer TigerTurf has recently installed new Lumosa LED sports lighting at the Metro Park hockey field in Auckland, New Zealand. The new facility will have a full sized hockey turf and a half sized turf for junior games and warmups.

TigerTurf is the exclusive agent for the Lumosa LED lighting systems throughout Australasia. TigerTurf has over 36 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining sports and play surfaces. They can review lighting needs and fix what is needed or install brand new lighting products.

The Metro Park hockey field can be lit up remotely in an instant using the state of the art Lumosa Touch technology (app) operated from a mobile phone, computer or tablet without being present on the field. The pitch is brightly lit by clear, white light. The light is evenly spread across the pitch but does not spill over to nearby homes. The LED bulbs do not have to be changed often and are durable with an impressive 25,000-hour warranty.

The Lumosa Touch technology can also control the irrigation and gating system. The lighting can be controlled to illuminate either half or quarter of the pitch when used for training, leading to lower energy use without compromising the high quality of illumination.  There are also three light level modes – game, training or pack-up.  (100% for game, 50% for training and 10% for pack-up) which results in further savings on lighting costs.

Merv Huxford, Chairman of Hockey Hibiscus Trust, said: “We have found our lighting superior to metal halides.  TigerTurf bought overseas lighting experts into the country to advise after unsatisfactory experiences with other facilities.  The lights were tested at night with a drone to demonstrate the lighting consistency and spill to ensure we were satisfied.” Weather is not a problem for the Lumosa LED light bulbs, which function evenly throughout the game without heating up as ordinary bulbs do, using less energy more effectively. Even in rain they will maintain the same high quality of light without shattering.

Lumosa LED lights hold their level of illumination longer than other systems; the light level drops no more than 7% over a span of 25,000 hours, while older lights lose approximately 30% after a mere 3000 to 4000 hours of use. “The community will appreciate lower energy usage and more instant control over lighting and less wastage when only part of the turf is used,” Mr Huxford said. Lumosa is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high power LED lighting.

TigerTurf can install the Lumosa lighting system in sports existing facilities by simply replacing light-heads or bulbs one for one. The company has been at the forefront of sports, leisure and landscape surface products and is a leading synthetic turf manufacturer in Australia.

For more information call 1800 802 570 or email AUinfo@tigerturf.com

For more information: http://tigerturf.com/au/lumosa-led-lighting

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