Arctic Heat Pumps Provides Efficient Superior Performing Designed Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Arctic Heat Pumps, a leading hydronic heating and cooling systems manufacturer and supplier in Winnipeg, Canada, provides efficiently designed and superior performing cold climate heat pumps at the best prices. These are mostly air-to-water heat pumps capable of performing effectively even in the coldest climate conditions going below -25 C and lowering the operating cost by 30%.  Due to the use of top quality components including Mitsubishi EVI DC inverter compressors, Chico digital control system, European Sanhua Valves and German Wilo pumps the Arctic series cold climate heat pumps deliver complete weatherproof house to users with the advantage of both heating and cooling. These cold weather heat pumps can also fast integrate with any solar thermal heater or to your pool or hot tub and can fit into another pump in series to double the energy flow pressure. With an assortment of amazing features like automatic adjustment of temperature, built-in backup heater and intelligent defrosting in a single pump unit, you are likely to enjoy the best heating and cooling results in your home or office even if it is situated in the coldest region of the world.

The Arctic series cold climate heat pumps are some of the best priced and best-performing choices available for cold climate residents. They cost almost half the price of traditional geothermal systems. Using the cold climate heat pumps from Arctic Heat Pumps you can not only lessen the impact on the surrounding environment due to the low noise but also reduce your utility bill due to low consumption of energy. It is also possible to pair the heat pump with a solar thermal system so as to experience a renewable source of energy in heating your living space and/or pool or tub water. It is to be noted that colder weather conditions can’t interrupt the function of these heat pump systems. After all, they are robust and can manage multiple zones with the use of MX controller.

“Our revolutionary cold climate heat pump technology assures the best heating and cooling performance to unlimited zones in extremely cold weather conditions. With the inclusion of the MX controller, we make sure the Arctic Series cold climate heat pumps provide two or more zone comfort and more temperature control to users with the added advantage of increased energy efficiency, quiet function and reduced installation cost and time,” said a spokesperson of Arctic Heat Pumps.

Arctic Heat Pumps are perfect to meet the entire home or office heating and cooling needs even when the temperature goes down to -25 C. Their backup heating circuit inside the buffer tank will be under the control of the heat pump and immediately start on getting its signal to provide extra energy whenever the outside temperature falls below this point in your area. To know the exact cost of Arctic cold climate heat pumps on offer, you should visit

About the Company:-

Arctic Heat Pumps is a Canada based hydronic heat pump system manufacturer and supplier looking to keep the building as well as pools and tubs of residents in the coldest regions of the world warm with its revolutionary range of Cold Climate Heat pumps. To experience perfect warm with reduced energy cost and lower investment and installation cost than the traditional geothermal systems, check out functional efficiencies of cold weather heat pumps on sale at

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