Change Of Season Brings Significant Extra Demand For SelectCleaning’s Services

We all love a good ‘spring clean’ but not all of us have the time (or the energy) to give our house a really good clean. SelectCleaning are experiencing extra demand on their services as winter turns into spring but, as usual, they are more than capable of providing for this surge in demand for their cleaning services.

SelectCleaning provide thorough cleaning with attention to detail, as they understand that you need a cleaner you can rely on to meet your expectations, every clean. As home cleaning specialists they know the importance of attention to detail, and they don’t take short cuts. They remember the little things that make all the difference.

For example, their customers appreciate their efforts to put all items carefully back in their original position when they’ve cleaned. You can expect your taps to be polished until they shine, and they make sure they get the mop right into the corners of the kitchen floor.

With SelectCleaning you can be sure of dependable service with the same regular cleaner, who will quickly become familiar with your home and how you like things done. Before they arrive at your house you have the peace of mind of knowing that your cleaner has passed a careful selection process, a thorough security check, and SelectCleaning’s detailed training programme. That way your home is in good hands.

As an owner- operator your Select cleaner has every reason to provide you with the best possible standard of service, and their aim is to provide you with value for money and a competitive price. You can choose either their regular weekly or fortnightly service to suit your needs and your budget, and you have the certainty of knowing that you will pay the same affordable price every time.

Every one of their cleaners is committed to adhering to their very specific hygiene procedures, and, as examples of this, bathroom cleaning equipment is never used elsewhere in the house, and they use colour coded cloths for different parts of the house giving you added protection. Only fresh cloths are used to clean each customer’s home.

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