Experience the spookiness of the disappearing boy in the mysterious forest of Thrissur with Dream Kerala

27th October 2017: With an aim to promote adventure tourism in Kerala the tourism department of Kerala along with Dream Kerala have organised an adventures trip to the forest of Thrissur. The trip offers you an opportunity, where you could experience and explore the paranormal activities of the forest with trekking and a night camp in the mysterious forest. If you are an adventure seeker interested in paranormal activities the haunted forest of Thrissur is one of the best destinations where stories of a small boy who is said to stare to the infinity rumours. Taking in consideration of the increasing travel rates of the adventure trips the tour operators have organised the trip providing the economical and cheapest Kerala tour package to experience the spookiness.

The trip will be held in a group of 5 where each group would camp in different hot spots of the forest. The camp will be lived up with the campfire and other entertaining activities. The adventurous trip is planned in the most cost-effective way with complimentary breakfast. Thrissur forest is said to be one best-haunted destination in Kerala with a number of adrenaline junkies tripping to the place to know the truth behind the ghost stories that rumours about the place. The ghost boy of the place is never said to harm the travellers or visitors but just stare to infinity through you. Travellers visiting the place is said to see the ghost after the midnight stroke, which would turn up right in front of the visitors and do nothing but stare. This could be one of the best opportunities where explorers could experience and see the disappearing boy in real, so get your backpack and explore the trails.

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