Laser Hair Removal With Minimal Discomfort Available at Palm Clinic

With summer around the corner men and women who want to maintain a smooth, sleek look and want a more permanent solution for unwanted hair on their bodies, laser hair removal may be the best option. With thousands of men and women affected by excessive hair growth due to genetics, medication, pregnancy, menopause and other hormonal issues, laser hair removal is an effective long term strategy to deal with this stressful issue.

Auckland-based Palm Clinic has the expertise to deal with hirsutism, a male pattern of secondary or post-pubertal hair growth occurring in women. In some cases, hair growth is noted during late teenage years and gets severe as women grow older. Hirsutism can be located in single or multiple areas such as the face, abdomen, chest, thighs or back. Laser therapy can treat large and dense areas quickly.

To treat unwanted and excess hair, the nurses at Palm Clinic can easily treat with laser hair removal – Elos or IPL. They can target the bikini line, underarm, chin, upper lip, shoulder or back. The result-oriented hair removal plan involves state-of-the-art equipment like Coolglide Excel Laser, IPL and Elos Aurora. These lasers deliver proven results. The experts at Palm Clinic will recommend laser treatments that are specific to skin type and colour to ensure fantastic results. They will offer a free consultation and take you through the process and discuss a treatment plan.  Normally, four to eight sessions will be needed. The treatment will have to be done every two months whenever there is growth of new hair in the treated areas.

The infra-red light that is used does not have harmful after effects. The nurses at Palm Clinic thoroughly prepare the skin before administering this treatment.  They will test the sensitivity of the patients to the laser light. They will also cover the eyes with protective goggles. The laser light is carefully controlled and targeted. Patients are also advised on after care.

Palm Clinic can address issues such as acne, scarring and discolouration. It is a premier destination for cosmetic medicine treatments administered by physicians. Their reputation for safe, non-surgical treatments by experienced doctors has made them one of the busiest clinics in the country. Their specialisation includes vein treatments, liposuction, Botox, skin cancer diagnosis and treatment and facial laser rejuvenation.

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