Speedy Eviction Services from Froerer Real Estate Guarantees Ease of Eviction for Property Owners

Froerer Real Estate gives landlords peace of mind from troublesome tenants with its eviction services. In an average of three weeks, property owners can expect a quick and affordable legal eviction.

[Ogden, 10/27/2017] – Froerer Real Estate takes care of the property management needs of Utah residents. With its three-week eviction services, a landlord can count on a quick turnaround time for their eviction needs.

The Landlord-Tenant Rule Change in Utah

After a year-long deliberation of the Utah Supreme Court of the expansion of Rule 26.3 — disclosure in unlawful detainer actions — it finally ruled out the amendment. As a result, landlords will be required to produce an explanation of the factual basis of an eviction. Starting November 1, 2016, property owners and tenants will need to exchange more information during an eviction case. That way, tenants have enough time to prepare a defense against the eviction before going to court.

The rule change makes it harder for landlords to evict tenants. Consequently, landlords must not only keep careful records of the ways a tenant is violating their lease — they should also provide a copy of the documents to the tenant along with their eviction notice prior to the hearing.

Hassle-Free Three-Week Evictions

Froerer Real Estate, a property management company in Utah, assists property owners in the eviction process. The company works with an attorney and follows up with them consistently to efficiently handle every eviction case.

Customers can count on the following by entrusting their eviction case to Froerer Real Estate:

• Daily and up-to-date contact with an eviction lawyer for an expedited eviction;
• Advice and judgment from the court at every step of the process; and
• A turning over of the judgment to collections.

The company guarantees legal evictions in Utah with minimal court costs. After an average of three weeks, property owners will have any high-risk tenants out of their property.

About Froerer Real Estate

Froerer Real Estate has been providing property management services since 1914. With over 100 years of excellence in the industry, the company takes pride in being the #1 property management company in Utah. It leads the market in property management, real estate investment, apartment rentals, and more.

For more information, visit https://www.froerer.net

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