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Business Video Marketing Strategies – Expanding Your Organization Exposure With Video and Social Methods

Video will showcase your business or venture effortlessly highlighting your most valuable message by way of pictures, motion, and movie voice-overs. A picture is worth 1,000 words, as they say, and video is worth 1,000 images if you can take that further. So, you can literally describe your message in only minutes or seconds with the right video presentation. Individuals really connect with video. It is social proof all over the web and that’s why I am so excited about movie and what it can do to help your business marketing plan.

Getting Started with Video

Be sure that you do the best video potential for your company and get things in order, right up front so that you don’t have the frustration and worry about doing things over and over again. There are a lot of things to consider, and if you get all of these correct at first, you can make everything a whole lot smoother and a lot more enjoyable. There are actually 14 points to take a look at and incorporate and do properly throughout the full process. Thus, let’s have a peek at those right now.

There are: The Equipment and the Props, the Camera, the Microphone and Audio, Lighting, Editing Software, the Setting, your own Film Crew, the Message (or what You’re trying to say to your audience), the Type of Video, Customer Benefits, the Length of the Video, Preparation, the Producer and the Website Platform (or the median it is going to be sitting on).

The first point is Equipment and Props.

When you take a look at gear and you’re likely to do a video, face to face with a camera on you, you need to consider what props you’re likely to be using and holding in your hand (that will be synonymous with your business). You want to be sure that it can fit in with whatever the business is. If you are a builder for example, you would wish to have a hammer, and a hard hat, some kind of work attire that appears right, and that sort of thing. Another prop or equipment is clothing. You need to make sure that you dress properly for the event. If you’re a health practitioner, you do not wish to be wearing shorts and shirts. That’s not really professional. You’d want to get dressed in something smart or casual and even have some kind of white shirt on, which might represent health and cleanliness.

Another prop you should be quite mindful of and cautious of using is animals. If you are likely to use animals on your narrative or your movie, then be certain that you time this properly because animals can be very difficult to work with – they do their own thing, they don’t listen, they can be noisy, and they essentially do what they want to (that is totally different to everything you want them to perform usually).

Just see that the props and the equipment don’t make the narrative, they simply improve the story. This includes the props around you, the props that you hold, and the animals that may be utilized in your story too.

The next point in video production is the Camera. You will be using some type of digital camera and you have to be sure that it’s acceptable for what you would like it to do. There are many distinct types you can get. There are expensive cameras, big cameras, small cameras, and very inexpensive cameras. You can do this much even with a smart phone and the standard of camera in these gadgets is fantastic! You may literally film yourself using your smart phone and eliminate it fairly well. It is also possible to look at these items on whether it’s a mid range or whether it’s an HD camera. I do not recommend you go out and get the most expensive camera. What I do recommend is becoming one which is acceptable for your story. If you’re going to be integrating yourself in a movie, then be certain that you aren’t going on the top. You may even just be on the video for 30 minutes or for 30 minutes to an hour, and that is fine. Just make sure that your camera is appropriate for your needs.

I personally recommend you use a mid sized camera just like a Flip camera (which may cost you $50-$100). It might also be an HD camera, assuming that you use it properly.

Now the other aspect is if you’ll be doing close ups and portrait shots or whether you are doing landscape shots. If you’re doing close ups you then want to make sure that it is rather clear, so perhaps an HD camera might be a bit more appropriate. However, if you are doing landscape shots, that can be far away in the distance or maybe of you walking away several meters, then a mid sized flip camera will be suitable also. Don’t get overly hung up on the cameras though.

The next main thing we’re going to cover is the Microphone and Audio. When you are performing your filming, then you need to take into account the background sound. You will be certain that you speak audibly. Is your voice clear? Are you using appropriate diction? Is your microphone picking up you well enough? It is possible to go get a specialized microphone and use it really nice, or you may use the microphone in your own video camera, which might be very convenient. You have got to consider what noise is in the background and there are two things to think about here, whether it’s an omnidirectional mic, or a unidirectional mic. A unidirectional mic picks up the sound unusually from 1 direction. A lapel mic, or a hand-held mic (that can be unidirectional) picks up the noise from you only and you might need to have a wind sock on it whether it is windy. Whereas an omnidirectional mic (which is usually in your smart phone) picks up sound from all around. The worry about that is, you might be receiving a great deal of background noise. And even when you are in a closed closed room, you could find some noise from outside. It might be some birds chirping or some dogs barking or a noisy car driving past. An omnidirectional microphone will pick that up. So only look at those things and once you’ve completed the filming, have a great listen afterward. Turn the sound up and see what you can hear. It’s quite alarming. You do not notice it at the time until you go back and listen afterward.

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