Get The Real Toughness With Casio G-Shock Watches

When it is about toughness and accuracy, no other watches are better than Casio G-Shock watches. A product that never breaks –is the phrase that can go perfectly with the watches. Hence, it is considered as the “toughest watch on the planet”. The watches are not only infused with superb functionalities, but also it brings excellent artistry and craftsmanship in its designs that allure the watch enthusiasts surely.

Introducing Strong and Stout G-Shock Steel (GST-B100D-1A) : G-Shock Steel models are the first lineup models to offer chronograph performance in analog format. Although the dials of these models are analog, they are still featured with shock resistance functionalities. At the place of 9 o’clock, a multi-functional rotating disk is placed that is cut to resemble the thick blades of a jet engine. A red tincture is there to highlight more the rotation of blades and this red colour is used also to indicate the battery level and the alarm on/off setting. The blades also rotate in the timekeeping and stopwatch modes according to the passage of time. For a more elegant and refined design, the watch has a new layer guard structure that houses resin cushioning parts inside the case. It suits in any skin and gives a better fit to the wrist. The watch is inculcated with a high density mounting technology also that creates a thinner and smaller module which is also responsible for a better fit.

The Smart Characteristics: The watches are equipped with smart Bluetooth that helps the watch to connect with a smartphone by pressing a single button and also helps the watch to acquire accurate time information from an internet time server. Among the other features, the Casio G-Shock Steel watches are equipped with Tough Solar and dual world time functionalities. In addition with that, the watches feature Casio original power saving technology for a stable supply of power. The models remain equally powerful and visible even in the darkness as the watches have high brightness LED light illumination. The GST-B100D has all the smartphone link functions and for that reason the watch has become a most powerful and smarter watch in the world. It is attached with a stainless steel band that gives a bold and elegant effect to the wrists. Beside this, the watch is water resistant up to 200 meters to save the watch from all the water related problems. The price of the watch is very reasonable and it is only INR 24,995.

The Casio G-Shock watches are available in The Prime Watches, a popular luxury and fashion watch boutique in India.

About The Prime Watches:

The Prime Watches is a leading luxury and fashion watch boutique ruling over the watch industry in India for 25 years. This watch company has huge collections of brands like Rado, Casio, Omega, Tag Heuer, Armani Exchange, Citizen, Dior, Tissot, Michael Cors and so on. It currently operates over more than 20 outlets in India. It provides exclusive watches with sound discount to the customers. Currently, it has its own branches in the cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Customers’ satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the company. Thus the core concept of this brand is providing assurance of authenticity and loyalty.

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