TLC Landscapes; Your Go-To Company for the Best Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

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TLC Landscapes; Your Go-To Company for the Best Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

With over 20 years of experience in lawn care services, caring for lawns in North Dallas areas, TLC Landscapes is committed to keeping your lawns looking beautiful all year. They offer a wide range of outstanding lawn services which include lawn mowing, landscaping service, sod installation, fertilization/weed control, planting services, tree and shrub trimming and spring/fall cleanup.

Mostly used for aesthetic and recreational purposes, lawns are composed of only grass species, that are subject to weed control and practices aimed at maintaining its green color. To keep your lawns consistently that lush green we all want, you need annual fertilizer treatments to provide the lawn nutrients it needs to remain healthy all year, which is why TLC Landscapes recommends Oxadiazon and Prodiamine, the best pre emergent herbicides for fall and winter that they make use of on their fertilization and weed control service.

Lawns are also regularly mowed to ensure a perfect length. TLC Landscapes renders outstanding lawn mowing services which they do with rock landscaping. With a sod installation team that has over 15 years experience working with only the highest quality of sod in the DFW area, TLC Landscapes cares about your lawn looking good and are dedicated to providing you with the very best value in sod installation. They guarantee high quality sod grass without weeds, dead spots, disease or pets.

TLC Landscapes plant trees and shrubs of all sizes as well as install seasonal flowers selected for their heat or cold tolerance, depending on the current growing season. They also install sod of all types, either to redo your current lawn or to repair damaged areas.

TLC Landscapes is a family owned and operated lawn care and landscaping business that has been serving Frisco, Plano, Mckinney areas since 1995. Its primary focus is to enhance the curb appeal of your home with a professionally maintained lawn and landscape at an affordable price. Their team of professionals is dedicated, and always tries to exceed the expectations of their customer.

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