Broad Bean Hotel to Host for the Meeting Held in Munnar for the Development of Hotel and Hospitality

30th October 2017: With an aim to provide maximum facilitated services to the tourist visiting Kerala, the hotel owners in Kerala have organized a meeting which would be hosted in Broad Bean hotels, located in the misty hills of Munnar. The main agenda of the meeting is to discuss and to take decisions on the changes that have to be made to the hospitality services provided by the hotels to the visitors. The hotel industry is one of the most influential in the field of tourism as hospitality does influence the trend of tourism to a greater extent. To promote tourism in Kerala it is necessary to have a well-organized hospitality and hotel services with which both the domestic and foreign tourist would feel home. Hotel owners from most of the prominent tourist destinations of Kerala would arrive on the 30th of October. Apart from the hotel owners, representatives from the tourism department and the hospitality department would attend the meeting to discuss the changes to be made in the hospitality sectors of Stunning Kerala Hotels. Taking in consideration of the current situation of the hotels with high rates of rooms and lack facilities provided which is return is affecting the tourism industry, the meeting held on the 1st of November is to discuss some of the basic matters that would be kept for discussion would include the hygiene of the hotel rooms, room service, basic facilities that are to be provided in the hotel rooms. The meeting that would be held on the 5th of November would start with welcoming the dignitaries on the dies and then moving on to the various agendas to be discussed and would conclude with thanksgiving. For the guests arriving on the 1th of November to attend the meeting, the broad bean hotels will be arranging the stay, with dinner and breakfast. The meeting will be concluded with lunch which every member attending the meeting could enjoy. Hotel owners who wish to attend the meeting can contact the host by visiting the official website of broad bean hotels.



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