How to Clear Paper Jam Error from HP Laser Jet Printer?

Sometimes HP Printer Paper jam error occurs. But it’s not a too difficult to remove. Users can just fix this error carefully using some guidelines.

Sometimes Due to some technical reason paper jammed or trapped into tray. To remove jammed papers from HP printer follow the below instructions. Or feel free to contact HP Printer Customer Service 24/7.

  1. Remove Trapped Paper:

Check your paper tray and remove the trapped paper from here. If you find any loose paper then also remove it.

  1. From Back of the Printer Remove Jammed Paper:

If you cannot extract paper from tray, then you can utilize rear access door to remove the jammed paper. At the back side of printer there is two-sided printing accessory or rear access door to remove papers.

  1. Remove Jammed Paper from Front Side:

If you are not able to remove paper from back side then you can try to remove jammed paper from front side. It’s essential to open front cover, hold paper and then pull it out gradually, if problem does not get solved it means there is major fault in your printer.

  1. Ensure the Smooth Movement of Carriage

To avoid paper jam issue in your printer check device carriage that moves paper from one side to another. This will help you to prevent from paper jam issue in your HP Printing machine.

Now check that your printer is printing quality papers properly, if not then;

You are highly recommended to contact HP Printer customer Service Number. Here experts will guide you with the best answer and offer you hassle free service.

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