FIFA 18 FUT Guide: Tips and Tricks

Hack FIFA 18

We offer you all the secrets and tricks of FIFA 18 that you need to know in the Ultimate Team mode to have a Champions team.

Before starting, it’s useless to dominate FUT if you fit many goals. Do you want to learn how to defend better in FIFA 18? We have prepared a guide with tips, tricks, and basic actions so you can FIFA 17 Coins Generator keep your defense compact and solid. You will find everything you need in our guide to learn how to defend in FIFA 18.

Hack FIFA 18

Now, to the mess. FIFA 18 is full of content, equipment, and game modes, but we know that there is a large group of players who only have eyes for one of them, the FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT, known by the community as FIFA 18 FUT. It’s a return to the old days, in which you create your own team with players from all over who are playing in card envelopes or who can buy in the online market. Then you can take your equipment and use FIFA 18 Coin Generator it in tournaments and championships of all kinds, with which you can get more coins to continue improving the template. Indeed, you can ‘check’ with real money, although it is not mandatory.

If you are going to start this year or if you have played before but you want to do it a little better or want to know what’s new in this edition, like in FIFA 17 FUT, here we bring you this FIFA 18 FUT guide full of tips and tricks. And if you want to know more, you can read our analysis of FIFA 18.

Basic tips FUT 18

★ It is not mandatory to play with other players
FUT requires constant internet connection but it also allows you to play alone. There is a lot of content for those who prefer to compete with AI: you can participate in tournaments and championships, accept challenges to build special teams (exchanging cards by packs), play against the Team of the week or participate in the new Squad Battles. You can always choose the level of difficulty, although the prize will be affected.

★ Chemistry matters a lot
One of the characteristics of the Ultimate Team is the chemistry of the team, which is built by the sum of a series of factors. It is always good to have the best you can get, but if you do not get along with each other you will not have a good time. If you have doubts between chemistry and higher valuation, always decide for the first one because in the end it affects everyone.

★ Download the official app
EA Sport has launched a free mobile application that allows you to review the team, consult and modify your bids in the transferable market and even accept some challenges. It is a good FIFA 18 Coin Generator way to keep up with the online market, and in addition to downloading this FIFA 18 FUT app for iOS or Android, you can also check it as a browser web app.

★ Test the equipment before creating it.
If you have chosen the “Conceptual Templates” option, you can design teams using any player. You can choose the formation and then put any footballer in the corresponding position. This allows you to evaluate the type of chemistry and the possible combinations that will come out before spending your money (real or virtual) on a certain signing. The machine even makes you proposals, like which teams can leave leagues like Spanish or English. The FUT phenomenon is so great that they have even created websites that improve this function, such as FUTHead.

FIFA 18 Trailer

★ Template management
There are three conditions that affect your players: contracts, fatigue, and injuries. When a contract ends, the player will continue to be yours, but will not be able to play unless you resort to a specific type of card that increases the number of matches. Generally, cards of one type tend to work better with players in the same category. There are also letters against fatigue, but another alternative is to make rotations as in real life. And, regarding the injuries, do not forget that there are also letters capable of performing miraculous recoveries. If you have the imperative dragonmanialegendshacked need for the best ones to be available at a certain time, look for these types of cards in the market.

★ Assigned players
There are times when you can take a loan, which plays like any other but will do so for a specific time. If the loan is 8, it means that eight parties will be available to you, and when goodbye is exhausted. Unlike the rest, with the letters of loans, there is no consideration.

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