Joint Repair Devices Market – Global Analysis, Size and Demand, 2023

The global joint repair device market in the sports medicine market is estimated to grow at a rapid pace, due to the rise in sports injuries and minimally invasive procedures. The increased point-of-care testing in sports is a major trend within the joint repair devices in the sports medicine market. Point-of-care testing involves a broad range of diagnostic uses with a wide range of product types. The Point-of-care testing in sports can control metabolic sports and specific conditioning. The Point-of-care testing devices are standardized to reduce errors during diagnosis.

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Another major trend in the joint repair devices market is adoption of management information system (MIS) and robot assisted surgery. The increased consciousness of benefits of robotic surgery among patients and surgeons has forced hospitals to implement and install effective tools. Robotic surgical procedures help hospitals reduce patients’ length of stay, thus enabling better cost management.

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The joint repair devices in the sports medicine market can be classified into surgical devices and therapeutic devices. Surgical devices include arthroscopy devices and joint implants, which help in refurbishment. Therapeutic devices include recovery and support recovery devices such as, monitoring devices, braces and supports, along with other accessories such as wraps and tapes, cold and heat therapy, disinfectant wipes, and alcohol-based hand rub. Joint repair surgery is the appropriate treatment for the dysfunction of joint related to sports injury and severe joint pain. Generally, the joint repair procedure is performed through keyhole surgery. The minimally intrusive joint keyhole procedure allows fast recovery of patients.

Business regulatory challenges and post-surgery complications are the major restraints in the joint repair devices in sports medicine. Changing regulatory landscape in developed countries such as, the U.S. and European countries has added pressure on manufacturers to provide high quality products at affordable costs. Competitive factors such as, declining product prices and the consolidation of market by leading vendors makes it difficult for new vendors to enter into the joint repair devices vertical in the sports medicine market.

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Some of the major competitors in the joint repair devices vartical in sports medicine are, Anika Therapeutics, Inc, Breg, Inc, Ceterix Orthopaedics, Inc, Cayenne Medical, CONMED, Intra Medical Systems Private Limited, KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. KG, MedShape, Inc, NRV Othrrotech, Ottobock, Paul Medical Systems and Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

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