Landlords Can Check for Methamphetamine Contamination with a $15 Test

Landlords in New Zealand are taking matters into their own hands, after years of battling with methamphetamine contamination. Andrew King from the Federation of Property Investors says that landlords who find professional testing too slow and expensive can do it themselves with a DIY meth testing kit. The kit costs approximately $15 and King says “the insurance companies will allow it.”

Ways insurers can help landlords include providing better education around meth contamination, and using their buying power to negotiate discounted meth testing deals. Insurers could also use their financial advantage to take civil and criminal action against tenants who smoked or manufactured meth in their clients’ properties.

However, King says that insurers are already doing a good job, and landlords can now use this low-cost, DIY swab test which will make it easier to test for methamphetamine contamination. King said insurers have already agreed to support this DIY plan, as long as landlords were properly trained and used government-approved testing equipment.

The DIY test should be done in front of a witness, in case a claim for contamination is made later on. The test itself is straight forward and will give landlords a simple ‘yes/no’ answer to the presence of meth in their properties. King believes this affordable and easy test will reassure tenants who are suspicious of meth contamination, as well as warn off those who plan on smoking or manufacturing meth inside the property.

Due to its low cost and accessibility, landlords will be able to perform regular meth tests. Part of educating landlords about the risks of meth contamination is making it clear that they need to test their properties routinely. This way, if any methamphetamine contamination occurs under their current insurance contract, landlords are equipped with proof.
A large number of properties in New Zealand are contaminated and require professional meth cleaning by certified companies such as Chemcare. Chemcare provides specialist meth and drug decontamination services in residential and commercial properties.

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