New Zealand Secret’s First Limited Production Run Sold Out in Singapore

New Zealand Secret is currently one of the hottest up-and-comers in the natural beauty scene. The luxury skin care brand recently sold out its first shipment of limited products before completion of the first run. The run included 500 sets of six products which were dispatched to Singapore, and all were sold out before the end of the month. Now they are taking orders for the second run. These orders will be delivered late November 2017.

The sets include every item in the New Zealand Secret anti-aging skin care range: cleansing cream, eye cream, anti-aging toner, anti-aging moisturiser, anti-aging night cream and collagen serum. Each product contains a list of active ingredients, all locally and sustainably sourced in New Zealand. Some of these powerful ingredients include wakame, kiwifruit extract and Sauvignon Blanc seed extract.

Mona Masouminia, the CEO and co-founder of New Zealand Secret said, “We are so happy with the successful launch of New Zealand Secret. We’ve been busy preparing for this start for the past year, and it’s been really rewarding to see such a warm reception. We’ve been incredibly overwhelmed with the support from our customers in Singapore.”

The market for face serum in Singapore is ripe, making it an ideal launch pad for New Zealand Secret. Their regenerating collagen serum contains aloe-derived ingredients, papaya leaf extract, lemon balm oil and rose oil. Its unique formula makes it great for both morning and night use, and the active ingredients work continuously to repair aging skin.

New Zealand Secret’s anti-aging skin care range is built upon the twin principles of harmony and equilibrium, which ties in nicely with the image the world has of New Zealand. Advertised as a clean and green country, New Zealand is the perfect symbol for a natural beauty skin care brand. New Zealand Secret has combined nature with luxury to create a unique skin care range.

Each product is hydrated with ancient water sourced from a 26,000 year old artesian spring. This water is rich in naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes, and it is protected from bacteria and toxins, having been trapped between layers of compressed rocks. This kind of attention to every detail is what makes New Zealand Secret such a success.

Those who missed out on the first shipment of New Zealand Secret’s limited edition sets can pre-order theirs on People are also encouraged to sign up to their newsletter, so they can be notified when deliveries begin making their way out the door. New Zealand Secret ships internationally, and all products arrive with a unique QR code to prove their authenticity.

New Zealand Secret’s first run of 500 sets sold out immediately, so it will be interesting to see what the second run will look like. It is advised that those who wish to purchase a set do so sooner rather than later. This natural, anti-aging skin care range has set out to change the way women perceive beauty, and it appears their future will be bright and prosperous.

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