Roofs: Cleaning versus Replacing

Roofs take the brunt of every natural weather occurrence we feel in Central Florida. Hot humid summers, flash flood storms, thunder lightening, damp, moist weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, and the list goes on of all the different weather situations our roofs must withstand. It’s surprising that homeowners don’t have to replace them more often. One thing homeowners can do to extend the life of their roof is to clean it.

Like everything else, over time, our roofs accumulate dirt, debris and yuck. You can easily see it on light colored roofs because they will start to have visible black stains develop. Roof staining organisms such as mold, moss or algae can eat through them causing the black streaks, the wood to rot or for it to need replacement prematurely. A thorough roof cleaning can save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars and even extend the life of the roof.

Consult with your local roof cleaner to determine if your roof is a candidate for cleaning versus replacing. Professional power washers look for the following:

  • Composition of roof
  • Missing shingles
  • Overall age of roof
  • Shingles missing or with no granules
  • Tabs flipping up or rotted places
  • Brittle shingles

Depending on the composition and combination of the signs above, your roof may need replacement instead of cleaning.

Roofs that show signs of mold, moss, or algae growth or black stains are good candidates for cleaning. Cleaning roof shingles has several advantages over roof replacement.

  • Cost saving
  • Enhanced life
  • Utility savings
  • Critter deterrent
  • Warranty or insurance coverage

Pressure washing experts formulate cleaning solutions that are designed not only to kill the growth of organisms, but to prevent regrowth with regular treatment.

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