123 Zero Energy Supplies Efficient Glycol Solar Water Heating Systems at Frigid Arctic

123 Zero Energy, a Canada based company specialized in building Zero energy homes with the supply and installation of a wide array of products including Solar thermal systems, Geothermal systems, Solar Photovoltaic systems, and Solar Air Heaters , provides easy to install and efficient glycol solar water heating systems for freezing temperature in the Arctic. These solar water heaters show freeze protection and hardly react to hard water. The advanced vacuum tube solar collectors in 123 Zero Energy’s solar water heating systems remain exposed to temperature as low as 40 °C for a long time but the special solar glycol heating fluid enables them to survive such an extremely cold condition. The use of specially prepared glycol solution not only helps these solar water heaters to escape freezing of pipes but also to allow them to perform uninterruptedly without undergoing any major damage. The households in Arctic zone can depend on these glycol solar water heating systems built with an insulated solar storage tank to provide them with hot water at any time using its efficient back up (4.5K).

The Arctic climate residents are often unable to make the most of their solar water heating systems due to the fall of temperature below freezing point. 123 Zero Energy’s glycol solar watering heating systems are perfect for this kind of weather condition. They not just deliver hot water at night due to the great backup capacity of storage tank but also remain functional even in the chilled winter days when the temperature goes down to -40ºC. These solar water heating systems can also survive the pressure building up in the collector due to temperature roll up to 480 F. Thanks to the consistent and efficient performance of 123 Zero Energy System’s glycol fluid circulating solar water heaters, the Arctic residents can now take warm showers, wash and clean during the freezing climate condition and can even divert the surplus heat energy to a second zone using an additional pump for future purpose.

“At much below the freezing point in Arctic zone, our glycol solar water heating systems used to perform the best. They also have highly insulated Solar Storage Tanks to keep a backup of excess generated heat in summer up to 4.5 KW and continue the supply of hot water to households all the time. It is the internal heat exchanger used at the bottom of the solar storage tank and the antifreeze glycol solution in the collectors that add to the efficiency of our solar water heaters. This is a modern & advanced method of solar water heating systems which is economical, energy saving compared to other methods of Water heating systems in Arctic today,” said a spokesperson of 123 Zero Energy.

The glycol solar heating systems of 123 Zero Energy System keep protected in very high/low temperature and pressure due to use of safe and non-toxic heat transfer liquid (glycol). The advanced vacuum tube collectors in the system operate in such a way that no heat transfer will be blocked and no damage to the system will be caused even at the stagnation temperature going up to 480 F. If you live in Arctic Zone and need efficiently performing solar water heating system to meet your hot water needs or need guidance on how to size it for your weather condition, ask for a consultation from the specialists available at https://www.123zeroenergy.com/solar-hot-water-heaters.html.

About the Company:-

123 Zero Energy is an established name in the solar water heating and geothermal system industry. It promotes the concept of zero energy homes and offers everything from pre-fabricated solar thermal kits to DIY green energy systems to add pace to this trend and save clients from the heavy expenses related to electricity consumption. 123 Zero Energy is ready to deliver glycol solar water heating systems to ensure optimal heat efficiency in the Arctic freezing temperature. To enjoy the best return on a pre-packaged glycol solar water heating kit, click to open the site link and order the unit at https://www.123zeroenergy.com/

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