4 Customer Loyalty Programmes To Win Your Customers’ Loyalty in Singapore

loyalty programsDid you realize that it would cost you more to gain the new client than to keep old ones? And did you likewise realize that present clients burn through 67 percent more than new ones? You can achieve this through customer loyalty program. Here are five effective ideas that you can use in Singapore:

1. Points System – this program is quite easy to implement, and I’m fairly sure you’ve encountered this before as this is extremely common. With every purchase, customers earn points, and when they reach a certain stage, they get a certain reward. Now, make certain that you make everything easy as there are some companies that fail in correctly implementing this program; they confuse their clients.

Simplify the points using an accessible reward system. By way of instance, if they spend $50 on your company, they get something for free. That’s it. This type of loyalty program is ideal for businesses that encourage or promote regular, short-term purchases.

2. Charge or provide the upfront fee for VIP benefits – here is something you can learn from Amazon. They provided a $79 Prime membership to individuals. This prime membership provides them with a 2-day free shipping on any item and without minimum purchase.

3. Non-monetary loyalty programs based on your clients’ values – one way of connecting with your customers is by knowing their worth and helping or rewarding them based on these values. At times, discounts and financial rewards just don’t cut it.

This is what Patagonia did in the past. They partnered with eBay to help their customers resell used or second-hand Patagonia products through their site. They understand that their clients needed more than just discounts. Using this method, you immediately win your customers’ loyalty. So get to know your customers more and design a program based on their values and needs.

4. Partner with other companies – this is also known as coalition programs. This is an effective method of retaining your clients. But, again, this requires a thorough understanding of your customers’ values and purchase procedure. This can allow you to figure out which company to associate with. Remember, this program doesn’t require plenty of money for it to be implemented. You simply need to understand how your customers use your services or products.

By way of example, if you’re a yoga teacher in Singapore, partner with a company that sells yoga materials. You can also associate with other coaches that teach other kinds of exercise to supplement your clients’ exercise program.

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