Beijing Amusement Park – From the Golden Oldies to the Novelties

Getaway in Beijing for a scintillating experience of everything you expect from a travel destination. Entertainment, education and appreciation of the arts- Beijing offers it all! This is a town that has stored its finest structures from yesteryear and moved on with the changing times.

Beijing, which is sometimes known as Peking, is a treasure trove of China’s arts, projects and culture. It is proud of its a long and distinguished record, being among the four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Today, it preserves its importance as the capital of the highly populated Asian giant, and has advanced into a buzzing commercial business city as well.

With over 2000 numerous years of history, cultures and traditions, Beijing is a favourite among both historians and leisure searchers. The foremost tourist fascination is the ‘Forbidden City’, which was the monarchical complex during the Qing and Ming dynasties and now displays collections of Chinese art in the Palace Museum. Beihai, Jingshan and Zhongnanhai exhibit the supremacy of customary Chinese language gardening. The Temple of Heaven, Tanzhe Temple, Fayuan Temple and Confucius Forehead have tales of well over 1000 years to relate and are critically acclaimed for their wondrous structures.

Contemporary Beijing has even more delightful spots for entertainment, including the Beijing Enjoyment Park and the Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park. Coming from fairytales and cartoons to spine tingling rollercoaster voyages and a spectacular view of the Longtan Pond, the Beijing Amusement Recreation area is likely to be a fun filled experience. One of the latest inclusions to the area is the laser water fountain, which casts rainbow-coloured light beams manipulated by music, on a huge water screen. A shooting range, sky aircraft, a games house, a swing tower and higher figures are some of the amusements in the dry area, while there are several water jeu including boat rides (one fifth of the area is water). Additionally there is a therapeutic massage parlour, restaurant and activities club within the theme park itself.

Located in the Western part of Beijing, this amusement park ride manufacturers area is stuffed with character types from Disney. The theme park is centered around Cinderella’s magical castle; in each and every corner you will find all the well liked Disney stars like Jesse Duck and Mickey Mouse button. The gigantic Ferris tyre, sky hook and buccaneer island will keep children in enthralled and move the adults back to childhood.

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