Best Engineering Branch in India

Although there are more than 10 branches in engineering degree only a few of the branches has high priority. Most of the students have a desire to study engineering course but they are not clear about the branch which they study. The high priority branch means the branches which give a number of job openings and has more scope. We all know that the student can build a promising career in an engineering course. This article will give the information about various branches in engineering degree and the career opportunities in every branch. The student may attend the engineering entrance test conducted in India to get an admission into the best engineering colleges like IIT. For that IIT Coaching Centres in Chennai give the proper guidance.


The eligibility for the students to get into the best branch in engineering is the student needs to complete their state board or CBSE examination with the study of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry subjects. The students are expected to have aggregate mark as 50% in the examination. This will be varied based on the category the student belongs to.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest engineering branches in India. In the study of the four years engineering the student learn about the designing and testing of automobile parts. The major tasks handled by the mechanical engineering student in the industrial design the equipment, test the performance of the machine and improvise the safety measures in a machine. Mechanical engineering students get a job opening in Aviation, Automobile industry, and Thermal power industry.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the application of electronics. In this course, the student gets knowledge about the concepts such as electrical and communication system, computer science and Transmission. This is one of the fast-growing fields which give a number of career opportunities in various sectors like Wipro, manufacturing industries, electricity boards and utility companies. You can make your dream come true with the guidance of the best IIT Coaching in Chennai.

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering branch is offered by only a few of the engineering colleges. In this course, the student gets an exposure about petroleum, material science, and Nanotechnology. After this course, the student gets placed in Thermal power industry, atomic power, and power conservation industries.

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