Difference of Phone Skin and Protective Phone case


How do you protect your mobile device, laptop or gaming system from wear, damage, and general destruction? Today’s options include vinyl wraps, protective cases, artistic skins, slim cases and more. While rubber, plastic, and even silicone protective cases definitely offer a greater deal of protection than skins, they cannot guarantee against damage, breakage, or failure of you device. Meanwhile, protective skins provide attractive, device-covering options for users, and are significantly less costly. Let’s see the specifics below:


Mobile Phone Cases and Protection


Even with a newly signed service contract, cell phones can be quite expensive, with flagship models retailing at $800 and more. Such a sizable outlay compels many phone owners to ‘embrace the case’ when it comes protecting their new tech tool. But truly protective cases don’t come cheap. You can count on an additional $20-$40 for a shock-absorbing protective case for protection, and more if you also need your device to be waterproof, weatherproof or childproof.


Though there are advantages to using a case, phone accidents can still occur. Phones often get dropped; they can get wet; and they can be subjected to the unwitting brutality of little ones. Thus, some kind of protection is certainly advised; however, even the most expensive, advanced case on the market cannot fully guarantee against for some reasons if your phone crack, nicks, or internal damage from falls and if the phone looking dirty or worn over time. Overheating, which can cause the phone to malfunction and can drain the battery. Never mind the fact that protective cases are often bulky and clunky, making them awkward if not impossible to fit into one’s pocket or pocketbook. With trends leaning towards slimmer, smaller mobile devices, it seems contradictory to encase them in a clunky shell immediately upon purchase.


Thus, many phone owners are increasingly opting to adorn their phone with a creative and protective cell phone skin instead. Not only do phone skins allow for a certain amount of protection against phone mishaps, and especially against aging and wear, without the bulk of a case, they also offer the user a versatile way to express his or her personality and artistic sensibility.


Skins Make More and better in Sense


Many tech connoisseurs will point out the fact that big phone and laptop manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and LG put a lot of money and time into the design and materials of their products and that it is a sort of tech blasphemy for users to cover them with protective cases or skins. As a result, there’s a bit of a Web underground swell toward not using any covers on devices. However, the pristine design of these top-end devices doesn’t stay pristine for long without some sort of protection. A skin can be a good compromise. It will maintain the shape and design of a device while protecting its surfaces from unsightly dings and scratches. And when it comes time to sell the machine, or if you just want to bask in its natural beauty for a while, vinyl skins like MightySkins are easily removable and inexpensive to replace.  Skins are similar to cases in that they provide protection (admittedly not to the same extent); plus, they fit directly on the phone, resulting in a slimmer feel and fit than a bulky case. Further, skins come in a variety of styles allowing people to express their personality through their most-frequently handled accessory. Skins, though, are much more cost-effective, starting at than $7 (excluding shipping and handling). And colorful vinyl skins from MightySkins, for example, use a high-resolution UV protective image and come with free matching wallpaper download for the device, creating a seamless, appealing visual effect.


Case and Point


So which to choose – cases or skins? Prices for skins and cases vary, but cases are almost always going to be more expensive; however, with a high-priced mobile phone, the money may well be worth it, especially if the user is:


Accident-prone or loose-fingered with the handheld device;

Not too concerned with “personal expression”

Frequently texting or talking near water

Preoccupied with avoiding any scratches or signs of aging

Likely to placate child with the device


Skins are perfect for users who are not likely to drop their devices and want to be able to express a certain style or interest with their phone, tablet, or laptop. For someone who would rather not splurge on a costly case and like the idea of being able to change the look of their device without having to shell out a bunch of money.





Of course, neither choice is all or nothing. There are slimmer iPhone cases available, in many of the same designs and patterns as skins. This allows that sense of expression with the added protection of a case. No matter in what way you choose to use your iPhone, it is important to know the difference and take measures on protecting your cellphone, to make you phone in good addition in a long term. 

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