Email Verification API: The most efficient method of verifying emails to date


Email Verification API is a process that verifies and validates email addresses and their deliverability. Email Verification API was introduced in 2017 by Whois XML API. The company developed a series of algorithms, as well as artificial intelligence and multilayer testing that help identify and verify the authenticity of email addresses in real time.


There are various levels of email verification available through multi-layer checks. This includes identifying invalid email formats (verifies if an email address is valid by checking that it contains basic syntax, e.g. that it includes an @ symbol), identifying gibberish email addresses (verifies that the email is not made up of curse words or random characters through a built-in fake email pattern detector, e.g. an email resembling, identifying existence of email address domain (verifies that mail servers for a given domain name exists and accepts emails by accessing its MX records), and authenticating the mail server (verifies that mail servers are not outdated or parked by using email sending emulation techniques).



Other more sophisticated methods of email address verification include catch-all account checker (identifies if an email address is active and checks for any possible typos), free email provider checker (identifies free email service providers in order to segregate b2b and b2c mailing lists, e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), and disposable email address checker (identifies disposable email addresses that tend to generate spam, e.g. free services including Mailinator, TempInbox, etc.).

Email verification API can be installed into the user’s own systems, as well as applications, websites, and sign-in forms. This helps to automatically check and verify all incoming email addresses in real time, as well as identify any form of spam or malicious activity. This tool is currently being used by various kinds of companies that use email addresses as an important means of communication. It allows companies to verify the existence, validity, and quality of received emails, as well as improve deliverability of outgoing emails.


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