Enterprise Information Management Solutions Market – Fed Microbial Market -The Biggest Trends to Watch out for 2017-2025

Integration Between Various Enterprise Data Sources a Challenge

Data verification and authentication is an essential part of confidential enterprise information. Data verification and authentication assists enterprises in marketing campaigns and customer acquisition activities. Enterprise information management solutions are widely deployed in data validation, authentication, and verification. The integration of data gathered from disparate enterprise sources is a key constraint in the enterprise information management solution market. Enterprises use a number of databases to manage their information and the data can often be stored in different formats. Key stakeholders in the enterprise information management solution market have to find a way to overcome this limitation lest it stifle growth of the overall market.

Information Overload Across Verticals Necessitates Enterprise Information Management Solutions

The ubiquity of smartphones coupled with greater Internet connectivity in emerging economies has led to an explosion in enterprise data. The need for storing, accessing, and managing a huge volume of sensitive information is best served by enterprise information management solutions. Data integration, metadata management, master data management, and data quality management are just some of the solutions offered in the enterprise information management solution market. In addition to this, centrally managed data enterprises improve business functionality by raising productivity and minimizing operating costs. Along with data security, data integrity is crucial and that is why small, medium, and large enterprises across the world are turning to the enterprise information management solution market.

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Rising Adoption of Master Data Management Solutions

Enterprises in the MEA region are rapidly adopting master data management solutions as they enable the creation of a centralized data view. The MEA master data management market is estimated to have a value of just over US$ 140 million in 2017 alone, making it well worth the attention of major companies in the enterprise information management solution market. Master data management allows enterprises to directly connect with business intelligence providers for generating insights from centralized data, thereby bringing about operational efficiency. The integration of master data management with cloud-based solutions is anticipated to be in demand across enterprises on account of its characteristics such as tracking, security, and integration.

Master Data Management and Data Quality Gain in Enterprise Information Management Solution Market

At present, the content management segment has the largest share in the global enterprise information management solution market at the end of 2017. Nonetheless, it is expected to lose a massive 560 BPS over the course of the forecast period with the maximum gains going to master data management and data quality segments in the information management solution market. Master data management in particular is predicted to register high Y-o-Y growth during the forecast period. Data quality is poised to cross a value of US$ 10 billion by end 2025. However, master data management is on track to record an exponential CAGR of 21.9% from 2017 to 2025, the highest by a considerable margin in the enterprise information management solution market. The market attractiveness index of master data management is 1.7, while that of data quality is slightly higher at 2.0.

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