How To Select Suitable Bike Carriers For Your Vehicle

Bike CarriersThose who might have seen a advert or bought a bike carrier after seeing an online image will understandably be frustrated when they find that their hard-earned money was spent on something that turned out to be less than useful. So, here’s a guide on how to select suitable bike carriers for your vehicle. Read on.

We’ve researched and tested several dozens of bike racks – all different brands and models. These included locally manufactured as well as imported (Chinese brands too). By research, we mean talking to our customers who have previously purchased bike carriers either from us or elsewhere. By testing we mean we’ve actually fitted the bike carrier onto our test 4×4 vehicle, loaded all types of bikes onto it including those with carbon fibre; and have driven the vehicle in city and on rough terrain.

Our conclusion: While there is no number one bike carrier, there certainly are contenders for the top spot. But individually, the suitable bike carrier for your vehicle is going to depend on your budget, the vehicle you are going to install it on, the type of bikes you intend to carry and lastly, personal priorities such as design and colour.

That said, we recommend the Rhino Rack 4 Bike Carrier Towball Mount (RBC008) with Rhino Rack Bike Bar Adapter (RBCA021). The Rhino towball mount attaches to the rear of your vehicle and can carry up to 4 bikes. Once attached, for each bike you wish to carry, you need a Rhino Rack Bike Bar Adapter (costs under $40) and can carry your bikes securely and safely. The total cost is under $300.

We and our customer found the Rhino Rack 4 Bike Carrier Towball Mount and the Rhino Rack Bike Bar Adapter to have the best overall value, and our customers agree they are a good choice for cyclists who want to easily transport their bikes on almost any car and are not particularly taken in by a lot of fancy advertisement of price options without the practicality or usefulness to match.

After testing the latest rooftop bike carriers, we recommend the Whispbar Roof Racks Australia with Bicycle Carrier WB200 (8052003) as the best for outdoor enthusiast who prefer to hoist their bikes on the top of the vehicle and transport them that way.

If you own a station wagon or a hatch back car, the bike carrier that got top marks was the Rhino Rack Nexus Clip on 3 Bike Carrier (RBC049). It does not require a tow ball or hitch and easily attaches to the rear of your car. Once attached, you need the Rhino Rack Bike Bar Adapter (RBCA021) for each bike you need to transport. The Rhino Rack Nexus Clip on 3 Bike Carrier got top marks because it was easy to fix, sturdy enough to carry all three bikes securely and safely with no rattle.

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