Revolutionize The Way You Take Notes! With Classify

Designed with the sole purpose of helping students organize their notes and help them take it down with ease, the classify school planner should be your first-choice app.

The classify school planner is a school assistant that you can use to carry out different functions such as taking notes, organizing them, accessing, modifying, etc. The app is extremely popular and won at the Essex Digital Awards 2017. The planner has been designed to keep it fun and easy for you to carry out daily routine school functions.

The app is extremely easy to use and comes with a smooth interface. The main screen of the app helps you keep track of your daily schedule and the tasks that you must carry out. These are listed on a tab screen. You can view your entire timetable on the sidebar so that you know what is coming up. You can easily move through it, make additions, remove events, etc. There is also the option to collaborate with your peers thereby making it easier to carry out project work and complete assignments.

The app can be personalized to your liking and can be modified to suit your personality. You will be able to edit it to your liking and make it look as exciting and innovative as possible. There is a long list of themes to pick from, and you can choose whatever you think looks best and suits your personality most. You can change it every day if you like to make your planner look unique and different.

You can view your schedule every day of the week. You can add in any new event or modify an old one. You can make use of notifications and colored indicators to signal any pending or due assignments so that you don’t miss out on any.

You can add as many friends to the list as you like and share your work with them just with one click. You can make use of different colored icons to distinguish the content and know what file belongs in which category. You can take down notes for different classes in different files so that you do not get confused and can maintain separate files. You can maintain a list of tasks that you have completed and a list of assignments that have been fulfilled.

You can make use of flexible schedules to suit your timeline regardless of the part of the world where you are accessing the notes.

One of the best features of the planner is that there are no ads whatsoever, which means you will not have to worry about being disturbed while carrying out an important task. The app works best on android 4.0.3 and up and can be installed on all Android phones and tablets.

The latest edition comes with new and unique Halloween themes and icons that you can use to make your school planner look unique and appealing.



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