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SBS Consulting Pte Ltd’s Singapore company registration services costs S$699 only. This corporate services provider also render accounting, payroll, secretarial, XBRL & GST filing & other services.

Don’t mess with your Singapore company registration. Accomplish it with our 3-in-1 incorporation package at S$699,” said Ms. Meena.

This is not a time take chances with your company registration in Singapore. A single mistake can delay it and can cause you to regret it. The occasion is that Singapore economy is getting out of its slumber and is improving leaps and bounds. The Q1, Q2, & Q3 2017 have gone against the opinions of experts and have shown remarkable improvements in the growth rates.

Company Incorporation Singapore

Now, the GDP growth forecasts for Singapore stands between 2%-3%. Undoubtedly, it is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to make their presence known by opting for a company registration Singapore,” informed Ms. Meena, the Business Head of SBS Consulting Pte Ltd.

Today, there is a lot of interest in Fintech initiatives. Singapore has pledged resources to its Smart Nation 2020 strategy. It has marked 2018 as a key checkpoint year. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is keen to see the success of country’s fintech ecosystem. It has supported a number of projects that it expects to go pilot in 2018.

If you have an innovative business idea or business model that can change the game in Fintech sector, by all means, go for a Singapore company registration as early as possible. It is time to get rewarded for the time you spent on your innovation.

If you are proven entity, you can expect a lot of support for it. The larger the deal better it is as the investors are focusing on proven business models and putting their trust in high-quality companies,” advised Ms. Meena.

There is a sense of urgency in Asian Fintech market. Though the actual direct investment is not high, there is considerable corporate interest. The new Fintech leaders are emerging with the broader vision and their focus on international opportunities and scaling their platforms.

The Fintech market in Asia is going to rise. The technology giants are also taking an interest in it. One may also count on the traditional corporates for the strategic investment in the sector. That is why it is imperative for a hardcore Fintech player to take a long view of the situation. They can benefit by opting for a Singapore company registration & establishing a strong brand name,” observed Ms. Meena.

SBS Consulting provides a combo incorporation package. We highly recommend it to the small business owners as it renders three services for the cost of one. The additional services, i.e., the company secretary and registered local office address are FREE for the first year. The details of company registration Singapore package by SBS is as follows:

Check & reserve the desired company name

Preparation of M&AA, Form 45, Form 45B, etc.

Paying ACRA fees for company registration

Electronic Certificate of Incorporation

Company profile/extract from ACRA with UEN Number

Minutes of first board meeting

Share certificate(s)

Common seal

Preparation of company kit

Opening a corporate bank account (FREE assistance for any one bank in Singapore)

The saying, “Hit the iron when it is hot,” has its point. So, don’t delay your Singapore company registration and make the most of your innovative business idea.

About SBS Consulting Pte Ltd:

SBS is a reputed name when comes to the new Singapore company registration. The firm caters to incorporation needs of foreign & local entrepreneurs and corporates. It also has top-notch bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, XBRL & GST filing, & Singapore IT consultancy services.


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