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Do not miss the live streaming of Sergey Kovalev vs. Vyacheslav Shabranskyy boxing at The Theatre, Madison Square Garden. This will be telecasted on HBO boxing After Dark on Saturday, November 25! All the fans are already shifting their other plans for this match between the two heavyweights. The sanctioning body has voted and decided to grant the title “Krusher” to the winner of this November 25th fight. Earlier, in the year 2013, Sergey Kovalev lost the title in a rematch with Andre Ward and is desperate to win it back! He seemed to be determined not to make the same mistakes twice in the ring.

Kovalev vs Shabranskyy Press Conference

Kovalev (30-2-1, 26 KO) is training with coach Uzbek Arbor Tursunpulatov. Shabranskyy (19-1, 16 KO), nicknamed “Lion-heart Chingonskyy” got a chance to fight Kovalev because Sullivan Barrera turned down the fight with the later.

Sergey Kovalev split with Coach John David Jackson following his defeat in the hands of Andre Ward in June 2013. His recent coach Uzbek Arbor is an unknown entity and it’s a matter of time to know how well he trained Sergey.

On this Saturday, the boxing-loving crowd will watch some powerful fights and strong actions and to watch all that and lots more from close quarters, the fans need to watch live streaming online for free.

For more information on the match and to keep the excitement going the fans can keep their eyes open on different social media channels. As much as the fans are excited, the fighters are eagerly waiting for the day too. According to Vyacheslav Shabranskyy, “I’ve been waiting for this fight a long time. I will take this chance to show everyone my abilities and qualities in the ring… My coach, Manny Robles and I have been working on movement and defense, which together with my natural power will be more than enough to defeat a great fighter such as Kovalev. I’m proud to represent USA and Ukraine at this fight.”

Kovalev said, “I learned a lot from my fights with Andre Ward (the one he lost in 2013). When you don’t win and when you suffer adversity, it makes you stronger. It also shows you who your real friends are. I feel like I cleaned out my life and now I’m ready to start fresh. I’m very excited to get back in the ring, and fight at Madison Square Garden for the first time, and I’m focused on the future. I’m not looking back.”

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