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Free Internet Radio, 20 November, 2017: Listening to radio stations has become a lot easier & convenient than ever with the emergence of online radio platforms. People can now listen to any radio station they like whenever they want with the help of the free internet radio channels available online. Plexus Radio is a new online internet radio with a wide variety of radio channels of different styles and genres.


Plexus Radio is founded and owned by Mr. Roger Balta who has built this free music online platform with aim to offer an amazing destination where people can listen to any kind of music they like. This internet broadcasting network is a completely free platform where one can listen to music 24/7 without paying any penny.


Plexus Radio consists of a lot of radio channels that people can hear based on their favourite music genres which includes Plexus – Free Radio 80’s, Plexus Old Hits, Plexus Jazz, Plexus LoveTimes and a lot more. This free music online platform also allows people to schedule their radio show on the website, which is really amazing.


Plexus Radio is not only limited to give people a free internet radio platform but also it features news and articles of different genres to allow people to catch up different news and interesting articles while listening to songs at the same time. Apart from that, the website features wonderful music videos that one can watch free of cost.


Roger, the CEO of this radio platform is a very passionate person who has been always very passionate about radio since childhood. He worked as a Disk Jockey, Radio Host, Sound Technician, Sound Engineer, Radio Producer and Director of Radio station which led him to his own radio platform. Roger has been also hosting a globally syndicated show named “Hit Mania” in United States, which is loved by a lot of people and this show is also available in his free internet radio platform.


According to Roger, this platform is not only about featuring music and news, but also he wants to make Plexus Radio is a Radio 1 platform where new talents get the same opportunity to show their talents to the world. Roger is also planning to expand his free music online platform in 2018 by adding membership plans for Radio and TV channels, but there is nothing to worry about as free Radio channels will be there for the users but with advertisements on the channels.


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About Company: Plexus Radio is a new free internet radio platform that features a wide variety of radio channels of different genres. The radio channels also features news, articles, blogs, videos and many more features to keep people entertained.


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