Make it a Natural, Beautiful Christmas with New Zealand Secret

This Christmas, give your loved one and the planet a gift by choosing something that is natural, local and sustainable. Every year the holiday season sees an extra 50,000 tonnes of waste thrown into landfills, but we can lessen this impact by making smarter consumer decisions. We now live in an era where for any one product there is usually a greener equivalent, and it’s no different when it comes to beauty and skincare products.

Natural skincare products make a great gift for women, especially in this time of the ‘eco-revolution’. More people are becoming aware of how their actions can help or harm our environment, and more people are choosing natural, local and sustainable products because it is the healthier and more conscious choice. For women who want to take care of their skin as well as the planet, natural skincare products are a sweet blessing.

A recent natural skincare line on the market is New Zealand Secret. Designed for any skin type, it can be used by mature women or young women who want to begin an anti-aging skincare routine earlier on. Mona Masouminia, the CEO and co-founder of New Zealand Secret explains in an interview how anti-aging products can be used by women of all ages to maintain dewy and healthy skin. This makes it an ideal Christmas gift for generations of women.

New Zealand Secret’s Natural Anti-Aging Skincare Products

There are six products in the range, and all ingredients are sourced sustainably in New Zealand. Some of the powerful ingredients include green seaweed, kiwifruit extract, Sauvignon Blanc extract and rose oil. The team are based in Auckland, and they create and package each jar and bottle locally. The skincare products are wrapped in luxurious black and gold packaging, and are mounted on a sustainably sourced hardwood base for extra stability.

Natural ingredients are much better for the skin, particularly for sensitive skin. Nature’s secret weapons are more effective in the long-run, which is part of the appeal. Drug store brands may deliver a quick fix, but they often cause more dermatological issues and can be harmful to other areas of your body. For example, synthetic ingredients are known to cause cancer and other serious problems. When it comes to beauty and skincare, it’s best to do it as nature intended.

A Naturally Beautiful Christmas Gift

The New Zealand Secret Range delivered its first shipment of 500 sets of handmade products in September, and sold out immediately. Their second shipment will begin late December, and can be delivered anywhere in the world. Sign up to pre-order your Christmas presents now, and surprise your loved ones with a truly thoughtful gift.



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