Bullock Breakers Plans to Upgrade Its Inventory Yearly

Bullock Breakers is one of the rising leaders in electric equipment and circuit breakers in the US. As the circuit breaker industry is projected to grow 4.3% a year for next five years, Bullock Breakers intends to increase its inventory each year accordingly to accommodate the growing needs of the market.

The circuit breakers and fuse industry in the US market is forecast to increase by 4.3 percent per annum to $5.3 billion in 2020. Sales expansion will be bolstered by ongoing efforts to expand and upgrade the US electrical grid, as well as by a marked return in growth for electricity generation levels following the modest downturn experienced during the 2010-2015 period. Industry study of Circuit Breakers & Fuses is available at


Bullock breakers is also part of the circuit breaker industry, so they had planned to increase their inventory each year accordingly to accommodate all the growing needs of the market. This expansion is an important milestone for Bullock Breakers.

Bullock Breakers is afamily owned business that was set up in May 2015. They are experts in selling used air and vacuum circuit breakers along with circuit breakers, switchgear, and other famous brands. They offer thousands of used and new vacuum and air circuit breakers for sale including ITE breakers, ABB vacuum circuit breaker, Siemens-Allis circuit breaker, GE Wavepro circuit breaker, etc.

If you are in the market for new or used circuit breakers and switchgear at a reasonable cost, visit the website of http://www.bullockbreakers.com/ or call at 763-269-2832. You can also email them with your queries or subscribe to their newsletter to get regular updates about the company or any of their new products.

About the Company

Bullock Breakers is a family owned company that offers used air and vacuum circuit breakers and switchgear from different brands. The company continually supplies and updates its inventory of circuit breakers and switchgears. They also stock a large inventory of component and parts.

Contact Details:

Jason Servaty
475 Annandale Blvd
Annandale, MN 55302


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