Watts McCray Can Provide Advice in Child Relocation Disputes

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When parents disagree where a child is to live or move to when they are going through a separation it is a difficult time for everyone involved. When this situation involves moving states or countries the stakes are extremely high. As parents move overseas for work or family reasons relocation disputes need expert family lawyers who can provide impartial advice that will benefit all involved in the dispute.

Watts McCray Lawyers, with offices located in Sydney, Canberra, Central Coast, Parramatta, Norwest, Brookvale and Frenchs Forest, are a leading specialist family law firm. Relocation cases are difficult for everyone but family law firm Watts McCray ensures its clients are aware of all the scenarios that need to be considered in such situations.

When moving to another state or country it is best to obtain consent in writing from the other parent. This can be done by email or text. The financial security, emotional stability and availability of family support are important for the children involved. It is necessary to ensure the other parent will get adequate time with the children. If there are medical issues or mental health problems, all reports must be kept as they may be of relevance down the track. Watts McCray will work to ensure if court orders are entered into prior to a possible future relocation, such orders are drafted to allow relocation without the client being in breach of such orders.

When Watts McCray is acting on behalf of a parent proposing to resist a relocation they will work to ensure the non-relocating parent maintains a strong and meaningful relationship with his or her children. This involves working to maximise time spent with children during the week and participating in school and extracurricular activities. They will ensure the client is able to respond in opposition to any relocation and consider how best to achieve the parent’s goals. With consent orders they will ensure the wording prevents any possible relocation in the future thus requiring the other parent to make an application to the court.

From dispute resolution, separation and division of assets, spousal maintenance, care of children and relocation Watts McCray can provide sensible and accurate advice. Their large team of family law experts are available nationally and internationally. They have been helping thousands of Australians move forward positively with their lives. Watts McCray has over 40 years of experience in the field of family law, with expertise in relationship property matters and care of children. The team has sound knowledge and experience in collaborative law and other alternative dispute resolution methods. The firm also specialises in commercial, corporate, property and estate law.

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